#135: TM: Unifi: Home Packages

Home packages for home users only.

Unifi: VIP

Unifi: VIP

Please take note:
  1. Minimum subscription period for Unifi is 24 months.
  2. First month bill will show 1 month current and 1 month advance subscription fees. For example, for VIP 5, RM149 x 2 = RM348.
  3. FREE Installation Promotion for Unifi worth RM200 until further notice.
  4. FREE installation covers standard installation of 15 metres only.

To apply,

  1. Please read the Terms & Conditions first.
  2. Then fill up the following form OR download from here (email services.sales@gmail.com or fax 03-89480782).
Please select correctly
Existing Unifi users only
Existing telephone users only
Give 3
Existing Streamyx user only
Full name
Example: 891211-41-2215
Example: 011-16452111
Eg: abc@gmail.com
Installation Address

Both side IC or Passport must be clear. If you have problem of uploading, you can email services.sales@gmail.com or fax 03-89480782

#87: DLINK: How to setup an ADSL wireless modem router

I’m using a DLINK provided by TM to tell this story. Move your mouse over the pictures for the descriptions.

Step 1: Go to the modem page. [Picture 1]

  • Turn on the modem.
  • Open any browser that you’re familiar with.
  • At the Address Bar, type and enter.
  • Username is tmadmin and password is tmadmin.
  • Click Login to enter.

Step 2: Inside the modem page. [Picture 2]

  • The first page you see after login is ADSL Router Status.
  • If your internet is connected, you will see the Internet Protocol Addresses.

Step 3: Setup Internet Connection. [Picture 3]

  • Click on Quick Setup.
  • Fast Config page will open.
  • Type your Username (eg: stanley@streamyx) and Password (eg: tmnet123).
  • Enable IPv6.
  • Choose PPOE and LLC (default).
  • Click Next.

Step 4: Setup Wireless Connection. [Picture 4]

  • Type your preferred Wireless ID.
  • Choose the type of security that you want. Either None, WEP (preferably for Windows XP) or WPA.
  • Click Next.

Step 5: Save Settings. [Picture 5]

  • If you choose not to have any security, check the information displayed.
  • If the information is correct, click Apply Changes to save.

Till then.. Any question?