#250: Victor Frankenstein

Yesterday, first Nuffnang Premiere movie we watched, of year 2015. I’ve not watched any premieres for a long time, thanks to tight schedule. I was kinda lazy to join because had to download Dayre. After the show, I came out with a whole body itchiness that I have no idea, how I got it. Maybe the chair wasn’t clean AND it wasn’t the chair that I was to sit because a guy took my place; our places.┬áMissed a few minutes or less maybe. The queue for food wasn’t very long but very slow.


Back to what I’ve to say about the story.

I never know that Frankenstein the monster named after Victor Frankenstein. Is Frankenstein, just a family name or Victor’s dad named Frankenstein? The question may sound silly but I’m curious. Victor is more like crazy scientist who thinks of life after death. Or shall I say, a maniac? Where got such crazy people who do such experiments? I mean, would you take parts from different animals or humans, joined as one, and made it alive?

Igor the replacement is one innocent guy. Ill treated at the circus but genius I would say. I really thought he was born hunchback but no. If Victor didn’t cure him, Igor would never walk straight like us. The supporting belt or whatever you called it, doesn’t look comfortable at all because it looks troublesome especially when he needs to bathe. Igor is not a bad person, not as bad as Victor, but has the similar interest as Victor.

The monster monkey is one angry thing that nearly killed Igor. And it’s very ugly! One failed project. The Frankenstein is also a failed project. How can it be like human when Victor never thought of putting the brain in? It’s a brainless monster that almost killed him and Igor. And why must it designed flat-headed?

Lorelei is pretty. The circus mishap changed her life. It was Igor who saved her, of course with the help of Victor. One pretty woman. Circus life is never really the best but you can’t ask much unless you have the power and money. That’s fact of life that applies to everyone.

One thing that I hate the most during the show, the plates of inner parts. I was there enjoying pop corns and plates after plates given to Igor. They were really disgusting and yuck!