#44: Devil’s Due

First thing that came to my mind.
Why is the beginning like Paranormal Activity?
Video view.

Then when the movie ended.
What happen to Mr. McCall?
Prison or release?
He lost his wife, his child and his sister.
What did the police make out of the whole thing?
What happen to the camera that he was wearing?
What happen to the video files that he saved?
What happen to the woman doctor? I supposed she died.

Out of so many times recently, today we in before the lights were off.
Seated at H9 and H10, Hall 3, Cathay Cineplex eCurve.

First Nuffnang Premiere to start 2014.
First free movie of the year.
First movie in January.

#14: Enough Said

Just came back from MidValley. We’re watching Enough Said Premiere, thanks to NUFFNANG!
I got 1 pair of FREE Tickets.

Would you date your client’s ex-boyfriend or ex-husband?
Be frank to yourself. Would you?

I would. Why not? I mean if he’s not for you, it doesn’t mean he’s not for me.
That’s FACT.
We are not perfect so why not try something that might work for us?
Maybe we will feel awkward but that’s life right? It’s unpredictable.

The movie was kind of funny at times and good for laugh.
It’s an hour plus movie.
Simple to understand because it’s in English.
Unfortunately I don’t know any of the actors and actresses.

Now… a not related post.

Yesterday we had TM auditors with us. The audited place was at Anzen Business Park (or Centre) aka Kompleks Perindustrian Bukit Maluri. It was a sweaty and hot situation that I had a thumb-sized red rash that popped up on my right thigh, some where between the vagina and pee area. IT was swollen and red! I had to sleep with Drapolene applied and spread out legs. It was so itchy when we were watching ENOUGH SAID.

Boss yang sepatutnya kena audit tapi boss ni tak tau buat kerja yang we 2 do all the time. He’s a sales person. So technical not for him. I had to do explanations for him to the auditors when these auditors tengah blur; tak tau what’s happening or tak sure what’s going on.

Ingatkan boleh suruh boss buat kerja like filling up the forms BUT luckily I did them or else I’m going to have a hard time with the TX and CPAS later. At least I know what to write, what to change, etc.. Dia tak tau kopek cable punya kulit SO I buat juga until 1 time 1 finger nail berbelah dua. My pair of jeans so dirty because I was kneeling on the floor doing the cables.

Boss was minor assistant to him. We do boss’s work because contract under his name. After audition, boss lah yang kena pergi meeting and we resume our work. We kuli selesai part 1 so boss go gaudim part 2.

Enough said. I’m continuing my shows… bye!