#175: Cheap Japanese Food: Niko Niko Onigiri

Wanted to eat Japanese. Not wanting to go Sushi King, and Sushi Mentai closed shop already (business no good I think). It almost 10pm when we left home and drizzling. Walking to my car behind 2 blocks, I thought of going to Niko Niko Onigiri (Seri Kembangan), near his house.

Address: 11-1 Jalan BS 4/1, Taman Bukit Serdang, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor

Contact: 0129949984 The contact number and address should be correct (if I didn’t see wrongly because the receipt¬†crumbled so not too clear).

One of our items came with Miso Soup and Potato Salad, I’m not sure is mine or his. So we shared. We ordered take-away.

Opening Hours: 7am till 10pm

Payment: Cash What did we order? Refer to the pictures.

They warmed the soup and the rice still hot! I didn’t know, not after I put 1 piece of Futomaki into my mouth. I like the special ramen (2nd time eating). How much?

Special Niko Niko Ramen (RM12.90)

Futomaki (RM6.90)

Bakudan (RM9.90)

No additional charges. So okay bah….

#107: cheap sushi vs not so expensive sushi

cheap sushi: pre-packed sushi, aeon taman equine [AEON]

not so expensive sushi: sushi king taman equine [SK]

normally when I go shopping at aeon taman equine, the nearest shopping complex from my place, I will dine-in SK; that’s if I crave for sushi. there’s not much choice to eat there, unless you eat outside.

today, I’m going to boycott this SK if the supervisor (I think) doesn’t change. bad attitude bitch. it’s not my fault that the order slip went missing. and it’s not my fault that I corrected you; I ordered hot green tea but you staff told you cold green tea; hot green tea cheaper by 50 cent; there’s difference. you don’t have to be so rude! — that was Monday case.

today I went shopping again. I had sushi again but got the 2 boxes from AEON instead. cheaper than SK. of course the quality is cheap lah; at least no rude face staff. — that’s brunch.

SK has a very bad environment since don’t know when; lots of flies!