#74: My Ingress Agent Stats

I print screen the stats when before raining. So now the stats figures are slightly different. This Double AP event gave me about 3 mil AP. Earlier target was getting 49 mil AP in total. And I did. Hoping to get 50 mil now.

Initially it was just 1 picture but exceeded the upload limit size.

#51: back to back fun on 2 days… drop dead and sick on day 3…. skipped work 4 days…

after reaching level 16 as an enlightened agent for a year plus.. it was my first anomaly; PANDANOMALY held in petaling jaya. I’m not a morning person so waking up in the morning is not my thing but i managed to. skipped work 2nd.

the day before… i was at The Delle Coffee & Tea to check-in and collect my paid swag pack. i wanted to collect on saturday but i changed my mind since i’m meeting a Singapore enl agent @shogun79 (knew him through @rockgambit) that night. skipped work 1st. after that went to farm a bit more at The Strand cluster with @khloke where he gave me R6 and R7 because i don’t have enough of them, not even the minimum requirements. I used most of them for fielding up level 16. can’t remember how many times i have hacked on the registration portals.

i knew nothing about their plannings. i read the instructions but not quite sure what it is. just follow what intel wants. i was swapping telegram with intel to map to game to lookout for res… my shoulders were tired.. is kinda stress a bit but is fun. bought char siew bao for brunch when we went toilet but no time to eat until they were getting soaky but heck! nice baos! I’ve not eaten char siew bao for a long time.. we got a thai intel. my driver @khloke zello-ing with him from time to time and also with another team (the driver, my gp killer) of 3; 1 guy 2 girls. along the way, hack back some weapons. there are times where the drift is what i hate. AND mosquitoes when i have to stand there by the roadside. when the whole thing over… i so wanted to go toilet. went into texas chicken but the toilet broke. bought a honey butter biscuit and munched. toilet postponed later at the duck rice shop. it was drizzling again when the photo-shoot took place.. and since it’s a huge crowd of agents.. whoever standing behind is invisible. for my part. as enl agent… i am glad that we won.

met up with some agents.. had a chat or two… then talked to @tchchin about our plan. at first we wanted to MD at night so i will have to decide which 6 to do and tell her. so i told her to check back with me later that night. while i was talking to her…. @amuyot came out of nowhere and almost gave a shock on my shoulders! @ksrf009 was with her. didn’t get to talk to them as they left. then met up with @feeleefehleh. since he ate McD earlier so we chat only. met up with @fivepointseven too. when the guys left, i finally got a place to sit for dinner at duck rice. was getting sleepy. trying to decide whether to stay back or to go home.

after dinner, really wanted to sleep. went to search for hourly rooms but no luck. when @tchchin called, we decided to change plan. do in the morning. when i reached home, after bathing. drop dead. i was dozing in the car when @khloke sent me home. damn tired to do anything anymore.

skipped work 3rd. woke up at 4 am because @tchchin said she’s picking me up at 530 am. she told me the Singapore agents already did the mission midnight time. so only 2 of us. it was 6 am i think when she reached my place. she fielded along the way. my usual routine too when i go out. rarely failed to do this routine unless i am taking public transport. i was her local guide because she’s not familiar with pj. some places i still need the map. when she missed a turn, i gave her alternative route which is new to her. got @feeleefehleh to join us, since he’s at mbpj. we had breakfast at ss2 after doing central park bandar utama mission. there we met @deangel and her partner (i forgot how to spell his ign). when we did the ss2 mission, we went thru the morning market. by the way, their scanners drifted more than mine. we did 12 missions before departing. @tchchin did the remaining on her own.

@feeleefehleh went back to the hotel to sleep. he wasn’t feeling well anyway… ended up food poisoning.. i went to nu sentral from asia jaya lrt station. had a boost. bought undergarment. took ktm home. wanted to eat McD first but too many people. went straight home. bathed. drop dead. standing inside the train also can sleep. i was really sleepy. slept till night. it was my first time doing mission day with res AND 2! i have never done missions with opposition faction.

skipped work 4th. headache and fever. now… i can’t remember i got it on Sunday night or Monday… and i can’t remember when i had a simple snack meal.. it was raining on early sunday morning. i guess i caught the rain.

#33: faction change

Is not tat hard to do but do I want it? Nope. All badges remain but I will have to start from level 1 again. No way! It’s not that hard to level up till 8 but worth it? I don’t think so. It’s not the first time agents asking me to faction change and it isn’t the last either. I just was to finish off level 16 as enlightened. And get as much onyx bashes I can. Play the way I want. Link and field the way I want. I’m the one playing my game. Not you.

#7: should i?

Continue my ingress journey to level 16? Or stop at level 15? It seems to me getting tougher for me to achieve. I’m lack of inventory. The usual farm just got blasted today. I’ve got no place to farm. This is so not right.

I’m so lazy today. Don’t feel like doing anything. Just woke up the second time. I really don’t know what will happen. It sounds like a waste if I stop now after all the struggle I’ve been through.

#6: worth the fun…

I’m tired.. tired of driving… tired of glyphing… tired of fielding… tired of linking… but every second worth the fun… sometimes it’s good to be tired… don’t have to think…

Fun is fun but don’t have to be so hardcore.. I did thought of leveling up 16 before mission day melaka, which is about 1 month’s time but I find it a bit too ridiculous.. I can if I want but I’ll be like exhausted… then there’s no more fun..

I’m now about 24.5 millions AP, and level 16 needs 40 millions AP.. today I managed to grind about 300k AP only… consider a lot for me with limited weapons, limited reso, limited fields, and the only cluster at atmosphere.. consider okay but can be better..

I try not to have high expectations with the way I’m playing because it depends on my mood. Different cluster, different fielding, total AP varies. I don’t field the same all the time. I field as I go… my abstract masterpiece comes in all shapes and sizes.