#48: The Truth IS DIFFERENT

The technician fixed my problem. And I got a SMS asking to rate the service. Everybody will get the SMS once restoration done.

In the SMS, 0-10 means Difficult; 7-8 means Neutral; 9-10 means Easy. BUT IN REALITY.. If we vote 0-8 to the technician, he will get called for explanation for getting such low ratings. Basically… TM wants us to rate 9-10 AND BEST IS 10 BECAUSE TO THEM MEANS VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE.

The ratings not only applicable to restoration technicians but all: new installations, call center, etc..

I tried once. Rated a call center representative 0. In less than 1 hour, another department called, asked why did I rate that person 0.

Sometimes we rate 5-6 as average right? But to TM, average should be at least 8. BETTER IF AVERAGE DOESN’T EXIST. BECAUSE THEY ONLY WANT 9-10.