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#48: The Truth IS DIFFERENT

The technician fixed my problem. And I got a SMS asking to rate the service. Everybody will get the SMS once restoration done.

In the SMS, 0-10 means Difficult; 7-8 means Neutral; 9-10 means Easy. BUT IN REALITY.. If we vote 0-8 to the technician, he will get called for explanation for getting such low ratings. Basically… TM wants us to rate 9-10 AND BEST IS 10 BECAUSE TO THEM MEANS VERY GOOD PERFORMANCE.

The ratings not only applicable to restoration technicians but all: new installations, call center, etc..

I tried once. Rated a call center representative 0. In less than 1 hour, another department called, asked why did I rate that person 0.

Sometimes we rate 5-6 as average right? But to TM, average should be at least 8. BETTER IF AVERAGE DOESN’T EXIST. BECAUSE THEY ONLY WANT 9-10.

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#37: living in her own fantasy world or dream land

Day and night… dreaming the way she wants it.. how good if it true.. crying till tired… sleep away till next day.. she’s bursting off her limits… she can’t hold it anymore.. she’s breaking down more often than ever.. she feels neglected… she is in her own dream land.. feeling better in there than reality.. she’s lonely.. she’s unhappy… she’s depress.. only her fantasy… her dream land can cheer her up a bit..

Where are you? Why aren’t you talking to her anymore? She knew she owes you apologies.. why are you treating her like this? What has she done wrong that she has such treatment?


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#29: part 4: what does she want?

going into 4th day, she’s unhappily waiting for a reply.. a reply that never came.. she doesn’t know what happen.. she dare not ask… but she’s certainly unhappy.. she tried talking to someone else but it’s just not the same… she’s heartbroken… she cries… she’s speechless… did she say something wrong? Is this person too busy to reply just 1 word? What has she done?  What’s happening?

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#28: part 3: what does she want?

Is just air… and mosquitoes… and sound of the TOM & JERRY…  and cars and buses and everything else… she doesn’t want to come home just to hear nor see all these… she wants a welcome hug or kiss.. or yell “I’m home!” She wants to feel warmth at home..

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#26: part 2: what does she want?

she doesn’t expect her friends fully understand her. But never treat her like clown. She’s human too, just like all of us. What sort of friendship is that when one person treats another in an unfriendly manner? Laughing/back stabbing behind their backs? Telling stories/lies about them? She doesn’t want this type of friendship. She doesn’t want people to sympathise her. She wants true friend. She wants a soulmate. Is that too much to ask? She’s afraid of making new friends. But her instinct tells her… she found the right ones. Women’s instinct are fantastic! Unpredictable! There’s nothing but the truth.. never underestimate that..

Good friends are good as they are. But she can’t make herself tell everything out. She still holds back silently. Thinking what to say and what not to say.