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#21: Overnight Oats in Water

This is my first time having overnight oats in water instead of milk with/without yogurt. I got this idea from a friend. She told me, her friend told her to use water. So I tried. Surprisingly it taste good and of course there’s always a first time. And honestly.. this is also my first time using chia seeds. Today’s oats gave me a refreshing feel, thanks to the orange. 😁

#chiaseeds #water #instantquakeroats #blueberries #orangepulps

With the same amount of oats.. if milk is used, is creamier and if yogurt is used, confirm nicer. Not to say it’s not nice now.. is just that I prefer the creamier version (like porridge).

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Diary, I Eat

#18: Jibby & Co

Met up with Vivian and miss Ngow, along with her niece for late lunch aka my late Brunch. We’ve not seen each other a year long.. at least..

We went to Jibby & Co which is located at GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS 16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. It’s actually next to the open space car park at Ground Floor, near to Starbucks. It’s open from 8.30 am till 10.30 am, Monday to Sunday. I assumed you can call +603-56137070 for reservation.  It’s a 2-storey building, with glass panels allowing natural sunlight shine in.. I quite like the environment, the shape of the building, and the food.

I don’t really remember the names of what we had.. so… here are the picures…….

Salted egg yolk chicken popcorn – Bite sized. Addictive.
My chocolate shake.
Crossaint – the egg omelette is so creamy and yummy.
Hommus – came with toasted bread. Very flavorful.
Salad – came with black sesame sauce.
Pasta – linguini with hot chili oil, chilli flakes, tomatoes, buffalo cheese. A bit too hot for me.
Food for sharing.
Cheese cake.
Raspberry and pistachio cake.
Cakes for sharing.

we chatted for hours. Miss Ngow was my piano teacher, and Vivian is my piano classmate. We’ve known each other many years.

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I Eat

#13: Overnight Oats with a twist

Today’s #OvernightOats creation is made up of #GreenKiwi #Oats #Milk #Honey #Blueberries #KokoKrunch

You can eat this any time of the day… I’ve never use honey before so not sure how it taste…

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I Eat

#11: 6 layers overnight oats

Everyday I’m experimenting… trying out different combinationsizes of overnight Oats.. main ingredient is Oats.. follow by fruits of any kind tat I bought.. then milk…. with or without yogurt… and whatever else…

My #OvernightOats today is #Blueberries #Oats #MixedBerriesYogurt #KokoKrunch #Milk #GreenKiwi


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I Eat

#4: Green Grapes and Red Apple

My overnight oats that I made on Monday night with milk and grapes. Then today, Wednesday, I added apple for some crunch.

I have more fruits than oats here because I usually make half jar only.

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