PicoSure Laser

While there are many methods for tattoo removal, from surgery to salt solutions, the most popular method right now is laser tattoo removal. Lasers are very effective and don’t cause nearly as much damage to the skin surrounding the tattoo as most other methods.

Instead of cutting the ink out, laser treatments depend on the laser delivering bursts of energy to the tattoo to break it up, and allow the body to remove the ink. Tataway in Boston and New York uses the laser method, and has recently gotten the PicoSure laser. This laser pulsates at a trillionth of a second, and is the fastest and most effective laser for tattoo removal. Tataway is the only place in New England that offers this treatment commercially.

Tataway also has the RevLite laser that is effective for various skin types, but can be especially effective on darker skin. The RevLite is capable of delivering the kind of conservative bursts of energy that are the best for darker skin.

Charitable Donations for Low Income Individuals

          Unlike most charitable organizations, at Modest Needs we use a technique called “crowdfunding.” What this means is that rather than depending on a few, large donors or government funding, we depend on large numbers of small charitable donations to give us the fund to help a number of people maintain independence and self-sufficiency.

          Our grants are often low income grants, since a lower income can often be a trapdoor that will lead to the slide into poverty. We try not to let that happen, and so we’ll provide grants for utility bills and for emergency expenses like car repairs or medical bills. Many people are living with a budget that’s stretched to the limit, and even just one unexpected expense can push them over the edge.

          To do this, we use a method of fundraising called “crowdfunding.” Instead of relying on a few, large donors or government funding, we allow the public to browse and support our projects through our website. This will give our donors a more personal connection to our recipients.

Sushi and Tempura Zen @ RM45

#194: Happy 8th Anniversary

12 December 2014 was our 8th Wedding Anniversary. We had an extremely late dinner last night and a normal dinner today. Yeah… Both Japanese dinners.

Last Night

Nonbei (ownership of Everlasting Gain Sdn Bhd (474952-M))

32, Jalan  25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

(Tel) 03-62016771 (Fax) 03-62016772.

If you need the wifi, you will need to ask for the password, which i didn’t bother to ask.

We had

The total inclusive of taxes = RM160.10 and not much complain EXCEPT that the ramen was too salty.

We had a slice of Black Forest cake as dessert, and i forgot to take picture of it. :(


Not enough with yesterday’s late night dinner, today, again Japanese because i wanted to eat sushi.

Xenri (commonly known) aka Butbo Group Sdn Bhd (632876-U) (Formerly known as Restoran Xenri Sdn Bhd)

9, Wisma Elken, Jalan 4/137C, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur

(Tel) 03-77838118

This is our second time here. The 1st, last December too.

We had

His: Sushi Mori (Hakubai) and Kinoko Chawan Mushi @ RM12

Mine: Ocha @ RM3, Sushi & Tempura Zen

Share: Sakana Mori Tataki

Takeaway: Una Cheese Maki

2014-12-05 14.11.58

#193: Food Experience, Money Experience and Gadget Experience

I’m not sure if this post is going to be a long one, or a short one because I’m going to talk about my 3 types of experiences yesterday. I rarely have 3 different situations in one day. So.. You may leave half way.

HTC Event

This is my first time attending such event. It was held at Camp5, 1-Utama. I thought I was real late, almost didn’t want to go. But at the end I went. He dropped me off at Level 4 parking and I took the escalator up Level 5 but went back down to Level G to look at the interactive directory because I didn’t know the exact location of Camp5.

Again I escalated up to Level 5, out to the parking and searched for the place. Found it next to Neway; just like in the directory. To cut things short, I got a bag of door gifts. Camp5 is interesting; wall climbing place.

I wish to climb but I’m scared the careless and clumsy me will smash my specs on the bumpy wall. I’m not that adventurous to try out anyway. This sport looks easy but I don’t it is. You need strength to pull yourself up, you need careful thinking of which step to go, and etc.

Mr. Peter (if I remember correctly) from ROOTS ASIA PACIFIC guided me up from the registration counter to the event area. He was the one who called me on Thursday, informing me of being selected to attend the event. I was working at that time and I was kind of blur because I didn’t expect that I will be selected as this is really the first time.

There were 2 products introduced: HTC Desire EYE and HTC RE Camera. Interesting products but only 1 caught my attention. When I looked at it, I felt as though I’m looking at the whatever you call it that’s coming up from the submarine. It’s also like a spy came that you can slip in your bag.

RE is small, light and handy.

HTC Desire EYE and HTC RE Camera

HTC Desire EYE and HTC RE Camera

Please click on the pictures if you can’t see clearly. Shit! The keyboard batteries got liquid come out. I just swapped the batteries because the keyboard not functioning.

I’m still wondering when’s RE on sale. Hint: LITTLE SUBMARINE EYE FOR BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Going to such event, can bring you closer to different people in different fields such as the bloggers, media, event management companies, and so on. This is not an everyday thing for me, so I feel lucky.

You can read more of what other people had to say about this event:

HTC Desire Eye and RE Camera Official Launch in Malaysia

Playing with the #HTCDesireEye & #REbyHTC

Maybank Credit Card signup

After the event, I went ATM and toilet hunting. That’s when I passed by Maybank counter/kiosk. Whether approve or not, I still get the free gift.


I tried to apply credit card, many times but failed. If you are a Degree holder, earning at least RM2500 per month, you are eligible. My percentage of getting these cards are very low. Since when one of the requirements is degree holder? Does the certificate indicates that you can earn lots of money?

Vietnamese for brunch

Had brunch at Obanhmi.

2014-12-05 14.09.46 2014-12-05 14.11.58

Not bad except for the free spring roll. The prawns so small!

#192: Holiday should be relaxing and fun NOT going attending classes that is not relaxing enough although got fun

The title says all.

I understand that you want your children to learn something during the holidays, instead of doing nothing but then… don’t you think you are making yourself and your children more stress? I mean, school holidays should be fun because it’s the only time where school children don’t have to study, and play time, before starting another year of study. They need time to rest and build friendship too.

Why did I say parents will get stress? Why not? You need to think which holiday program should your children attend, how many days, how much, how many hours, and so on. Did you ask your children first? It’s understandable that parents want the best for their children but you are taking away their childhood. If we adults need long holidays, so do the children. Else what’s the point of us looking forward for long holidays, away from work, away from the city, just want to have fun and relax?

Learning is a process of growing up, that comes in different ways. We learn through play time, eat time, sleep time, study time, and so on. Most of our time, occupied to learning and working, so where’s our free time? Some people can’t even have a weekend rest. Put your shoes into these people, do you like it? Do you think your children will like it too?

Today’s children are very competitive, and that’s why parents are trying to prepare their children to cope with competition. And it’s what I think of too stressful. How can children so young be happy? How do you people expect them to grow up happily, at the same time competing with other people?

I can’t comment much about our education system but I think it changes to fast, it’s like a sudden leap that it might make things worse. Yesterday, a man told me, kindergarten students are attending tuition classes! What?! Those days, our time, where got? Generally I have never heard of any before. And now, Standard 1 students are already learning Computer subjects! This is too much! How do you expect parents to guide their children’s homework?

Don’t compare our country with other countries. There are other ways to fight competition but these children are just too young. They can’t think for themselves yet. Is good that parents think for their children but there are other ways. Imagine if your children don’t get the 100% rest, do you think they are able to do well in their studies? There’s no 100% right or wrong in this argument but I see these poor children suffering (maybe not all) but dare not say no.