#291: good morning

don’t feel like sleeping yet as there is no water from the shower for me to brush teeth and i just don’t feel like it.

why would you want to mop the floor when there is no water supply to your house? do you really need to be so clean? and at this odd hour? this is weird to me because not knowing when is the water supply coming back and you have limited water to use for whole household, you still mop the floor? oh my…

i took about a day off game yesterday because i wasn’t happy with the way he’s sort of making to play. in other words, his style. i have own play style and i got really exhausted and stressed. and the in-game alert keeps beeping BUT i gave no notice, and slept till 6 pm+, on own bed. somehow i just miss my bed.

#290: accused!

it is really bad if you accuse people, something that is not true. now.. let me tell you a short story.




if you are not playing the game, you might not understand what am i saying here. you may either skip or continue as you wish.

there must be some misunderstanding some where that K9 believed that K and D are not real humans; rather some dupe game accounts; or one person having 2 game accounts; or whatsoever.


it all started on Tuesday, when K and D went UPV and UPC around Bukit Jalil – Sri Petaling – Salak South – and cannot remember already.

both K and D had their chances of UPV but most of the time K did all the UPC because D usually does her UPC in the car while K drives. so she won’t have problem with getting the points.

both K and D does portal blasting but having no idea why K9 claimed that K took D’s hand phone to play. for your information K occasionally walks out from the car to US portals while D will blast from inside the car.

so if both of them blasting a blue portal, what would a RES do? normally you will recharge and ENL will continue to blast. since K is doing UPC, of course he will be capturing portals and D will deploy reso occasionally. anything wrong?

blah.. blah… blah.. blah….

Wednesday. K and D went Oasis to do princess saga. there they met an agent PD.

cut things short….

K and D went to jaya one thinking can do UPC. as usual D was happily blasting a blue portal while the car parked outside, tepi jalan. K9 accused them pulak!

K and D are real. they are not robots or any inhuman beings. PD saw them earlier. another agents E and husband can prove too. there are people who can prove!

how can K9 accuse people like that? accusing both K and D curi other agent’s ID; 1 person use 2 accounts to play; accusing K and D not honest.

K and D never lied about their identity. they have an account each. 1 female and 1 male. they blast along together. husband and wife team. what else?

if you are unclear of something, isn’t it better if you ask politely and properly instead of accusing? seriously… the accuser should apologies to the accused.

the end.

#298: play style

our play styles are different. i can’t force to play like me, neither can he do the same to me. but when we are playing as a team, there times that we have to follow the team’s play style; even though we don’t quite like or we think is not the best way. either you voice out or silent.

as a team, i want to help out but there are times i’m stuck in between. there are times i felt like playing solo is better because i don’t have to bother anybody’s feeling or whatsoever. but then i might grow bored.

i play this game almost every minute. it is addictive. somehow i found something that other games don’t have. one will find friendship, community, fun, teamwork, winning, and etc.

#297: i am back

i am still here. it is like ages since my last post.

pokemon came attracting people of all ages, everywhere in the world. it helps to bind people together, searching for every single monster (that’s what i call it). i think…

  • it is good to play for people with movement reflective problems because you are using your fingers to flip the ball to catch the monster.
  • it helps to get people outdoors to have some “fresh air” instead of indoors all day.
  • it is nice to catch rare monsters but will get boring at times.
  • we need to watch our steps before getting hurt. no point leading ourselves to injuries or unwanted death.
  • not a great kids entertainment but is better than nothing.

i personally never watch anything that got to do with pikachu or pokemon. follow trend only.

playing together with pokemon is ingress, which i think is much complicated but preferable. i think…

  • to win, strategy is needed.
  • time consuming.
  • challenging.
  • teamwork.
  • trust.
  • competition.
  • survival.