#157: TVB: Line Walker: Episodes 19-20

Ada died? It was her carelessness that caused her death. Will her mistakes affect others? Marco is a devil! But Ada was clever enough to record his account number? If Ada didn’t find the rainbow sand, I don’t think she will die so fast. How did Cheuk Sir know the threesome want to kill Marco? So…. Bao Seed like Siu Ka? Shit! Marco suspect Yan already. Will she die? He’s crazy! He’s always jealous of Kobe. And how did Kobe come so fast to Yan? Will Kobe die? If Kobe and Yan sace, will they get together again? This is so kan cheong!!

Finally Yan found the UC book and a wedding ring. Kobe can walk? Does he have leave bed and scare Yan? Does Cheuk Sir true good cop? Is his sifu good too? I don’t think so. The sifu not god guy. Siu Ka and Bao Seed memang perfect match. Goos idea or no? The sales girl so bad. And need Siu Ka to come and pay? The most funny part is when the mothers come back early. Foon Hei a bit weird after his son died. Is Foon Hei, Siu Ka’s biological father? Cheuk Sir and Yan’s sister, 1 pair?

#156: TVB: Line Walker: Episodes 14-17

The part where Kobe and Yan kissed really angered Marco, that’s why he beat Kobe. I think he wanted to kill him if Fing and Foon Hei didn’t show up. I think Yan still have feelings for Kobe. So! Foon Hei’s son wants to be a cop when he grow up. He blamed Foon Hei for causing his mom to die, and blaming him the bad guy. Is this uncle really the bad guy? Cheuk Sir so heroic saving Yan’s sister, even though he was very injured. Heartless husband of hers, he should be punished! That Oscar Leung is one terrible guy who’s afraid of almost everything. If not because of Bao Seed, I think he’s dead long time.

Aiyo! Bao Seed got shot! The Chinese speaking guai mui die? Maybe it’s a good solution for her, she won’t have to suffer anymore, the stepfather won’t abuse her with drugs anymore. Foon Hei can hear what Marco says? Can somebody save Bao Seed and Siu Ka? Can Cheuk Sir do it? I can’t watch the whole episode because don’t know what’s wrong with my pc, the video hang, my pc hang, kena tekan restart button many times baru pc restart. So sou heng you know? Now pc sudah buka, let see can continue sampai habis tak. OH NO! Foon Hei’s son die? Karma…

The ending part of Episode 16 made crying. Sing Chai doesn’t deserve to die like this. His dad really loves him. Did he really want his son to grow up as a policeman? Kobe is too foolish to think of himself only.

Yan is getting scare since she found out that Marco is who he is. This is interesting. I wonder what will happen between them. Is Siu Ka related to Foon Hei? Why Foon Hei’s facial expression looks weird when he drinks the soup? Father and daughter?


Before I talk about the following episodes, I’ve something to say.  I admire the courage these UCs have. They have sacrifice to solve cases, they have to protect their love ones, they have to lie, they have to come out of their comfort zone, they have to become someone other than themselves. How many people can do this? Can I? No. Can you?

I was happily and kan cheong mode watching the episodes when he came out asking why am I not sleeping. Can I not have own time, own entertainment? I have to watch all the episodes before he does, else I will need to playback a few times when he can’t get the point.

So far I’ve watched 13 episodes. I intended to continue before he came out. AND I’m having a freaking headache now. I will sleep when I’m damn fucking sleepy! Not when I’m not sleepy at all. You know what? I’m getting bored with the job. I learn but it doesn’t satisfy me. I don’t earn a lot and is something not right.  People of my age, friends of my age are earning far more than me. Maybe their lifestyles are better than mine too.

This question has been repeating since don’t when. I’ve no answer for it. Either I’m avoiding it or I’m really no answer. I don’t know for sure if I ever let go any opportunities to change, I mean out of my comfort zone. If I can’t bring back myself, I will never let go unwanted memories. These unwanted memories popping up by itself. I don’t want to remember them.

Sometimes I feel that we’re house mates and colleagues, not husband and wife. I admire couples who does sweet minor things. There’s not such thing between us. It’s just not the right way as how I think it. It’s hard to explain, unless you see yourself.

I will never find a job that’s relaxing and something I like. Even if there’s such job, I will not get support. My courage to handle such situation is getting low. My wish to go to my dream land will never succeed. Can I not have more of my me time? Working daily with him is never a good idea, our work styles are different. I’m willing to slow talk, teach and help elderly people but he’s not the type, instead he will act rudely. Is not easy for an elderly person to use the internet nor to learn computer.

One customer told me before, last week, the difference between men and women. Men are not patient, they are not willing to teach illiterates, they will tell you rudely and in quick steps. Women are more patient, will to teach in slow mode, friendlier, and easy to communicate. I agree with that. I can easily make up a conversation with customers. He will only complain when the process is slowed down. What’s wrong with teach and learn?

What we want is never what we get. What we don’t want is always what we get.

#154: TVB: Line Walker: Episodes 11-13

Who is that pretty drug dealer? She isn’t Chinese right? Siu Ka likes Bao Seed? Or she wants to know if he’s really UC? Or both? How did Bao Seed know Siu Ka inside the toilet and in danger? What’s Foon Hei gor trying to do? Kobe made the wrong move by calling Cheuk Sir, will he get into trouble? I don’t understand how Bao Seed can know the deal cancelled by doing what he did on the stolen phone. And how did he know the CCTVs are tracking them?

Elena Kong’s husband so bad, tipu her money and love for another woman? Why Cheuk Sir so busy body lah? So now 4 UCs found, who’s the 5th? Boy or girl? This Partrick Tang is jealous of Kobe and Yan see each other. Will Yan forgive Kobe if she knew he’s UC? Foon Hei already suspected 3 UCs and does he actually know who?

The Chinese speaking guai mui interested in Bao Seed? Siu Ka so jealous… Oh… Yan’s brother-in-law gone crazy over money, trying to kill his wife? Will Kobe able to save Yan? Will his UC status bocor just like that? Will Cheuk Sir able to save Yan’s sister?


To earn lots of money but doing something that you don’t like OR to earn little but doing something that you like? Which would you choose?

Is it important to earn lots of money by doing jobs that will not make you proud of it? At the end of the day, you will only be unhappy? What say you?