#221: getting better but still pee

i am still coughing. trying to use lesser leak pads and sometimes just cannot control. baru saja lepas mandi, sudah sweat and peed. haven’t even drink a drop of water yet.

boiled luo han guo again. only now sipping the hot tea.

the weather is so hot and humid that my rashes all come out and i can’t sleep at night. fever pun sudah mali. i so don’t want to come out from the bathroom just now.

had air con for a few minutes this afternoon before i beh tahan the dripping water.

if tesco doesn’t disappoint me tomorrow, i shall be getting more leak pads. i try not to wear at night because sign of rashes coming up. how lah? it is going to be period week. i can’t be wearing both at the same time right? both serves different functions.

i can hear the cats and dogs starting a fight, and it is getting gloomy.

#219: MCD again

since my car is not back yet, i very lazy to walk down to buy food because i am lazy to wear bra. i am still peeing on the pad. sometimes less sometimes more sometimes full bladder. when you change it, the smell is there. it definitely smells when it fully loaded aka full bladder leakage.

no more vegetables nor fruits to eat. don’t know what to cook already.i can’t decide what to eat for lunch so ordered McDonald’s again. tax no tax still have to eat. doctor’s cough mixture finished already, so have to drink own purchase one, which soothes my throat more and is definitely less sweet than prescribed.

the same delivery boy came and i paid him all coins. i have too much coins in the petty cash that is so heavy. coins are also money so there is no way he shall reject.

happy lunch!

#218: pee pee pee

my 4th poise pad. 5th on the way because this one is getting loaded.

when i was about to wake up just now, i peed from front to back, on the my underwear and shorts. next time have to wear double piece.

and now i am coughing and coughing and peeing thanks to the itchy throat.

these medicine really generates urine. if i am at home, i can go to the toilet but if i am outside, at work, sometimes to find a toilet that can really use, not so easy, and some customers don’t let you use their precious toilets.

if i am at home, i can change the diaper (the pad) whenever it is full but if i am outside, very hard because i have to find something to wrap it, as hard as the time i want to change the period pad.

i am like a baby now. adult baby. next time better buy longer ones. 23 cm is too short for me.

this BIG 4 is terrible! if you ask me, why do i get it often? then let me ask you, what do you expect when your nephews and nieces getting sick regularly? his house is always full of sick kids, 1 reason why i don’t want to go there. somehow i got their viruses. AND 1 nephew ended up in hospital due to “something that sounds like TB to me” but i am not sure since i can’t translate the Chinese word.

i think the cough mixture is making my throat dry. and is too sweet to my liking. the other times were better. but this time the doctor young and good looking.

i am eating, itchy throat, coughing and peeing while typing this. the kids get sick more often than me! kids nowadays don’t drink much herbal drinks like how we did last time. even if MIL do boil, is usually sweet until i don’t like after the one sip. sometimes i do miss the bitter herbal drink that grandma used to boil.

this pee pee is not gross but annoying. how can you feel gross when you doing own thing? i only feel gross if i have to do other people’s thing.

oh… i forgot to ask him to throw the 2 bags of rubbish. and when i am not too sick, i will do my simple cooking for 1 person; the sick food.

just had medicine.

#216: you not going today? lots of work…

that’s what he asked when i’m still sleeping. hello… i’m sick! i’m coughing and bladder leaking on the poise pads (special pads for bladder leaking); every time when i cough to hard (how to describe in words?) and i’m still on medication.

when i woke up this afternoon, my voice was so soft. how do you expect me to make phone calls to customers? and how do you expect me to go customer’s place in such condition of The BIG 4?

sometimes he’s very inconsiderate!

#215: Defeated by The BIG 4

No… I’m not killed nor lost nor in war with anybody.

The BIG 4 virus attacked me, after Saturday’s Japanese buffet.

Ish…. I can’t control bladder leakage.. Cough, leak, cough leak..


No.. Not high fever because cooling down.

Yes.. Voice sekejap okay sekejap not okay.

Yes.. Every time itchy throat will give cough and sore throat.

Yes.. See and paid doctor RM 43 for cough consultation and medicines on a Sunday night.

Yes.. Just had today’s as of Monday 13-4-15 first medicine intake, which is actually the 2nd time i eat them, since yesterday.

Yes.. I was very hot that you may assume denggi. BUT NOPE.