#236: today’s menu

i have a chipped tooth yet to refill. chipped off halfway eating vietnamese noodles with peanuts inside. it was slightly chipped days ago after eating claypot chicken rice one night; thanks to the bone, twice on the same spot.

this week very busy, no time to go dental. wanted to go yesterday but nope. so what am i mix and match today? whatever i have. and i think is best for people with only 1 pot and limited water to use.


  • prawns without shell
  • eggs
  • chick peas in can
  • pineapple cubes in can
  • nando’s peri-peri garlic sauce


  1. blanch chick peas in its liquid and water.
  2. then blanch prawns.
  3. remove the pineapple cubes from the juice. keep the juice in the refrigerator.
  4. make hard boil eggs.
  5. mix everything together with some nando’s sauce.

#235: reaching limit soon

DON’T ACCUSE ME FOR STEALING PORT! How to do steal when dslam dalam? I never change anything for the upgrade.


IF YOU WANT CUSTOMER TO DOWNGRADE TO LOWER PACKAGE TELL YOURSELF! The Snr is low mungkin port Rosak, dside rosak, and etc. How would I know when will it get spoil?

WHY YOU NO BELIEVE WHAT I SAY? You do docket like shit!

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#234: woke up twice today…

once in the morning, done toilet thing. then went back to sleep until just now. and… today’s menu is…


  • soup.
  • meat.
  • salad.

progress: defrost the frozen meat.

~ signing off @ 5.56pm ~

i am now cooking…. those common things that you need to do, i won’t need to tell right?

  1. french beans, carrot and sticky black corns soup with home-boiled vegetable stock (frozen vegetables).
    • boil a half pot of water with the frozen vegetables (i forgot to defrost them first).
    • add in the french beans, carrot and black corns.
    • when done, let it cool done a bit, then use a blender (whatever blender you have) to blend them [(i don’t want my blender to get spoilt).
    • no added milk or cream or coconut milk because i don’t have any.
    • heat up, add in dried chives, salt and pepper for taste. then put into the thermos.
  2. rice.
    • boiled in a pot with 2 cups of the above soup and some water.
    • then added 2 eggs when the rice cooked. stir to mix.
    • also known rice-porridge.
  3. chicken cooked with peeled plum tomato, baby corns, mushrooms and big onions.
    • sweat the big onions with olive oil.
    • then add in baby corns,
    • shredded the mushrooms with fingers because they are too big.
    • add in the chicken, add more olive oil if needed.
    • simmer the chicken with the peeled plum tomato in can, break even the tomatoes. cover. do not let them burn.
    • when is boiling, add in the mushrooms, and mix.
    • add salt and pepper to taste.
    • cook till done.

a suppose, simple meal. but i change mind as i cook.

~ signing off @ 8.52pm ~

#233: For the first time…

We arrived about 1 minute (plus minus) earlier than my parents! And everyone else, who came to mom’s birthday dinner at a restaurant that looks like the 40’s nightclub or red district. My first reaction seeing the color of interior through Facebook was a shock! SO RED! Mom whatsapped me, told me about dinner at this place, so I was curious, so Googled and found out that they have Facebook, so searched Facebook.

We had dinner at Foxxytong Cafe, 34-1 Jalan USJ 10/1E, 47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor. What a name! Strongly suggest that you make reservations because they have limited seats. Contact them at 011-12396967, 03-80216967, foxxytong@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/foxxytong to avoid any inconveniences.

They also offer services like parties and events like wedding chaperone, live band, magician, karaoke, and etc…. So if you are interested, get them at www.facebook.com/shanghaiaffairs and let me know how’s the service.

For your information, the photos were taken with my Sony Xperia. And they are not in the correct order (some).

foxxytong0 This is an upstairs restaurant so it is not so convenient for elders or people with disabilities. foxxytong1 I didn’t notice these photos, not until I came downstairs, after dinner. I was looking at the unit numbers as I have never been here. So… I wonder if anybody ever steal these. foxxytong2 The interesting staircase, with frames of photos on both sides of the wall. Photos of diners, photos of memories. foxxytong3 This is the dessert. Nothing special, just gingko, white fungus, red dates and dried longans. foxxytong4 Broccoli! My favorite!.The only vegetable dish on the table. Nothing to shout. foxxytong5 Spicy pork belly that was half spicy half not (the pork is spicy but the quail eggs not).It is a recommended dish in th menu. This is an add-on to the set. Mom ordered set for 10 persons. You can always add more if not enough. If money can solve, no problem right? Come with an empty stomach, leave with a full stomach. foxxytong6 The poon choi. This ain’t the best because not much ingredients compared to the one we had in Sungai Buloh. foxxytong7 Instead of eating layer by layer, we dug in to get the treasures. foxxytong8 No idea what rice is this but I think is yam rice. foxxytong9 Now… I don’t usually take photo of toilets unless something interesting inside. There is actually a big mirror opposide of this toilet seat BUT I don’t take photos of mirrors. I do take selfie in front of mirrors but I defintely don’t take just mirror photos. foxxytong10 The men. foxxytong11 The ladies. foxxytong12 The mini stage that I nearly tripped me. The corners are sharp so becareful. foxxytong13 The up close loofah soup. I find it a bit tasteless, eventhough tasted peppery. I think it will be much tastier if I add in the vinegar (not a fan of vinegar). foxxytong14 There is not love at first sight when I saw this because the color is not tempting enough but since it is a soup, so just drink. I don’t usually drink soup when dining outside. foxxytong15 Our Chinese tea inside this big flask. Nowadays very hard to get good quality flasks of this kind. Bad quality ones, a lot! foxxytong16 Decorations of those days.foxxytong17 Mix and Match section for parties. You can pretend yourself as the dowager, the performer, and etc… Just for fun and is free! foxxytong18 Photo decorations everywhere. I expect them, printed because who is free to draw them all? And isn’t it printing them is much cost saver and faster? foxxytong19 foxxytong20

Overall not bad. They played the oldies, songs that are so much older than me, and not my type. Anyway, give it a try.



#232: mix post

i am lazy to do separate post for this week.


grandma is home. currently, hands tied up because she pulled off her drip. expected because she did it before in the hospital but the maid managed to stop her (mom told me). and when she hit her head (earlier incident), she kept pulling the bandage from her forehead. cannot keep still unless she is no more battery. she can sleep for days to charge up. when fully charged, she can be awake for days. we are not cruel because the person who suggested the hands tying was aunt so she came over to tie the hands. grandma has gone back to the hospital for the drip fixing. if her hands are not tied, how many times more does she have to go back for fixing? the special bed, from hospice so is free but the special mattress cost RM 800.

1 utama shopping center.

i don’t mind shopping here but when working here is sometimes a headache and is always making me tired and everywhere aching. damn sleepy. damn tired. don’t wish to do anything else. and damn hungry. every time call maintenance to open riser is like waiting for some one coming back from oversea after many years. the fastest is 15 minutes. waiting for the security guard to open the mdf room is worse than waiting for maintenance (maintenance guys cover whole bandar utama so is still understandable) but the security! can take them more than 15 minutes to arrive! don’t know where they go lazy. we were here 2 days and parked hours. he lost my 1card so no cheaper parking and i haven’t replace the card yet because i want to try finding the card. RM 10 for replacement card. we were here to transfer 2 telephone lines for sweet florist, new install for nadeje and the library coffee bar. actually i like working in shopping centers because if hungry can get food without the need of finding parking again. and toilet so many.