#209: That is why I said, remove 1 zone!

There is no way you can run 2 zones at the same time no matter how you want it. You are not a young man. AND even if you add another staff, still! He cannot do your job unless you want your name to get removed from the system. Here am I busy updating stocks and tallying stocks, the phone keep ringing until I have to silent it. I can do work while playing Facebook game or listening to online radio BUT NOT with all those incoming calls. I am getting attack from all directions for everything, from onsite to offsite to administration to everything related. This job is GETTING MORE AND MORE STRESS! It is making me crazy, not myself, problem with talking and etc.

Most of the time I have to face different types of people at different situations. When you say something, I try not to say no because you do what you see not what I see. Not all customers will give you what you want. I understand that but since you insist, sometimes I have no choice.

You may leave if you feel bored because I am here complaining. Feel free to come back later.

Tonight’s dinner is macaroni with left over food (vegetarian food from Chinese New Year) and slice chicken thigh.

Our orders don’t come punctually most of the time. There is no way we know when got less order or when got a lot of orders. And we can’t really standby at 1 zone. And we can’t depend too much on other people because they have their work to do too.

Don’t know since when I feel that working from home is much more flexible and I also do my own things, without having people looking at me as the main door is closed. I can do whatever I want. Not like now, handling 2 zones is too much for my brain to handle. Not just zones we are handling but people, problems, and etc.

#208: suddenly feel like writing something

since i have not update some time. i got volcanoes of mosquitoes bites since before Chinese new year. sometimes when they got too itchy i will take a tablet of Zyrtec. every time when i bathe, i have to burn those volcanoes with hot water or else really can’t sleep. sometimes tengah lena tidur pun boleh very itchy and scratch until volcano meletup. worse is when my left tangan ni suka-suka sakit, rasanya belum sembuh from don’t know when i sprained tangan ni. dah tak ingat ni.

dunia reality i ni penuh dengan stress. entah lah kenapa i start post in english, ending up in malay english pulak.

hari ini i kat rumah do data entry. tak satu hari pun because i woke up after 2pm, i rasa. then stop work for food around 9pm. had mcd delivery and guess what? i removed the apple pie sebab i added chicken nuggets. supposed to get a free coca-cola glass BUT got the free apple pie instead. tak tau lah siapa pack salah. anyway, the food inside my perut already. the glass doesn’t come together with the set. i rasa itu programmer tak update the website lah. i paid the delivery boy extra 5 cent sebab i lazy korek 5 cent from my petty cash. meaning, i paid RM22.80 instead of RM22.75.

wait… today is chap goh meh right? it is the last day of chinese new year. AND all those angpows will bring forward to next year. i ni memang pandai.. dah lah kedekut… whoever tak dapat angpow from me this year, sorry lah… wait till next year lah.. :D :D

i sudah mula rasa boring dengan kerja ni, tapi takde pulak option lain yang interest i. i kalau tak ada interest on the thing, no matter how sweet talk you are, sorry lah. i nak buat kerja yang tak buat i stress tapi boleh earn lebih dari apa yang i ada sekarang. janganlah kerja yang susah sangat. i don’t want extra white hairs.

stock update and data entry i ni masih belum siap. boring tau buat kerja ni. ni dah lah.. post ni,, i sudah lazy..

#207: idiots!

selfish motorist is always here and nobody take action especially the guards and management people. I alone can’t do anything.

i know there is not enough of motorbikes parking but that doesn’t mean you can park like a boss like that. sometimes when we thought there is an empty place to but to our disappointment is taken not by a car but a motorbike.