Formatting PC is not as bad as reinstalling all the programs and drivers; that can take you hours to finish. I won’t format my pc unless I got fed up with virus attack, software conflicts, and etc. I hate this task! Knowing how doesn’t mean I enjoy doing it. Know and enjoy are 2 different situations.

I was at JOVEN website just now, here’s my enquiries:

I am facing some problem with my water heater: [1] When I turn on the LOW mode, the water came out as hot; is more like between MEDIUM and HIGH. [2] The water heater is very noisy [3] The water is sometimes like power tripped, I will have to press on TEST and RESET button to get it working (sometimes need to press a few times).

Hopefully they will get back to me soon. I feel like changing the water heater since no more warranty. That means need to use money. Me no money mode. Who wants to give me one for my birthday? :D

I’m not sure is this water heater the culprit for my refrigerator’s power trip. He said he will help to change the switch thing but until now still haven’t do. Talk big only. If I know how, I would have changed it. The problem with me is, I’m static so I don’t dare.

Why suddenly my brain wants to blog? This is the 3rd post since yesterday.

I don’t think I’ve installed all but the basic ones, yup. Finally can update my Final Fantasy XIV! That means I’m pulling most of internet connection!

just ate dinner/supper roti telur and…… FFXIV cannot update. Server not responding :(

#183: Poor Man Acts Rich Man

If you are a rich man, you don’t have to act as one. But if you are a poor man, you will act as rich man.  I’m not saying every man or woman is like this BUT SOME.

Will you feel better by doing so?

How long can you act? You can’t be spending like a rich man all the time.

Where do you get your money to spend? Do you work? Do you steal? Or do you not do anything at all? Just wait money drop from the sky?

Most rich man born poor. They struggle since a child up to where they are now. They work day and night to make a living. Those are hard-earned money that they saved. If you have never been poor, you won’t treasure your richness life.

You should do well in your current job. When the time comes, when there’s a chance to move higher, grab it. But you who always take leave to go to different events, so many times in a month, if i’m your boss, i will definitely fire you. You are not serious in your work!

Is going to so and so event more important that your job, more important than earning money, more important than anything else? How much experience do you have in workforce that you can be like this? I heard those events are not cheap. I want to go too but i don’t have money.

This isn’t your study time anymore. Those days you get monthly allowances without the need of working. But now, you need to earn own money. Instead of working hard, master your work skill, you tend to do something else that you only get knowledge and maybe experience but not paid. Your valuable impression to your boss and colleagues changed. If I’m your boss, i would have fired you long time ago.

Do you know that data entry clerk can also get promoted to the next level?

Anyway, i got to stop now. Got something else to do. Have to do before i forget again.

his honey bbq char siews and my duck

#182: Tasteful Cuisine

Spotted this restaurant sometime ago. Finally got to try this evening with him; late brunch.



NO. 25 JALAN 3/62B,



It’s a corner shop, one and only one Chinese restaurant. There’s no way you’ll miss it. I think I will come back again. Some people will think the price is higher but in terms of taste, texture and quality, I don’t mind paying more, as long as I like it. Different people will have different taste.

Total damage: RM27.70 for (He had Honey BBQ Char Siew Rice and Honey Lemon, and I had Duck Rice and Watermelon Juice).

Just the 2 of us, 2 types of meat, 2 bowls of rice, and 2 types of drinks. Expensive? Yeah… but I like the texture of the meats. Sometimes if the food is good, why aren’t you willing to pay more? Don’t be so stingy. The watermelon diluted, not sure about the honey lemon because I didn’t drink.

They have duck, suckling pig, chicken, pork, goose and others that you need to check out from the menu. I heard that you need to call in advance for ordering goose or suckling pig.

Environment: Okay except for busybody hungry fly and mosquito. You can chose to sit inside or outside. You can’t expect much from a restaurant in a housing neighborhood.

Price: Depends to individual. Try once and see if they worth the price.

#181: See the chance? Grab it!

Deepavali passed just like that. Somebody did played fireworks/crackers in the evening but not as much and as loud as yesterday night (almost midnight and after midnight). At first, I wanted to talk about this topic but now I changed mind.

It’s okay to dream big because that’s your goal in life. When you are given the chance to stand out from the crowd, grab it and don’t let go, not until you really have to. There’s no second chance in everything you do or want. And not everybody given the one and only chance they hoped for. Sometimes luck and fate come together. But no matter what, we should always have faith.

I’m telling you how I see things. Different people have different perspective, nobody is the same. Either you take it or you leave it. I’m just sharing my thoughts with you here.

Sell yourself.

I don’t mean sell yourself to become escorts or prostitutes. What I mean is promote what you do, who are you, and how can you help to people you meet. You may not succeed the first time when meeting a stranger but you will, through exposure, experience and opportunity ahead. I’m not good in selling myself, not yet.

You don’t have to purposely sell yourself. Get into chats, introduce yourself. Don’t tell me you can’t talk. I’m sorry. No offense to those who really can’t talk. I’m referring to people that are so shy that they don’t want to open their to talk to people. If so, how do you expect people to know you more or better?

Exchange name/business cards.

I don’t consider mine as business card because my intention is to have a name card. Business cards to me, have more information and company logo. Whichever it is, is should stand out as something that people will remember. Something people will keep-in-view.

Don’t design childish name cards unless you are working in any related field. Make it simple and not over crowded with words and/or images. You can try to be creative but don’t overdo. You won’t want people remember you the wrong way.

It’s okay to struggle to begin.

I assume everybody struggle to begin, continue to struggle until goal achieved. It’s a process that we face, either you like it or you hate it. We start from the lowest up. Only foolish people will skip steps and these people don’t get to enjoy the way we did.

If you want to manage a big company, you need to know what is it like as the lowest position in the company. If you have never been one, you will never know how those people work and feel. Don’t expect them to listen to you.

Knowledge is important because it’s a guidance to move on. When I got the my first job as data entry clerk, I didn’t mind the salary paid because I want experience, I know nothing about the working world, I’m new. I remembered the manager asked if the pay around RM1k before EPF and SOCSO deduction okay. I said okay because I need the knowledge and experience more than the pay. That was year 2003.

I had a friend who came back from UK with certificate, no experience at all, asking for at least RM3k, and he was jobless for a long time. One day, he left, and went back to his hometown Kuching. His family is rich. He wasn’t willing to work from low level and low pay. After that, I hear no more from him.

I changed jobs. I was a door-to-door sales person for a month, then I quit. Most of my savings gone to daily, long hours parking, talk and talk but not income. Rain and shine, I still have to knock on doors, get chased by dog, etc. But that was experience.

I got hooked on sales but it wasn’t good. Then moved on to something technical that I’ve more interest in, and that was until now. Alongside with sales, I’m still struggling to earn a living.

While struggling, I found on-and-off writing jobs, that actually helped to expand my knowledge. Sometimes I’m like touring to different places without actually there. Not much support by family but I don’t care. I don’t get this opportunity all the time. When is there, I just have grab it!

Sometimes need to be “thick face”.

They want to scold you? Let them.

They want to talk bad about you? Let them.

GOD knows the truth.

If you want to survive, be “thick face”. If you show you emotion and get carried away by it too easily, you can’t survive the job, no matter how much you like it. No matter how I hate it, I will take it. You will learn it, along the way.

Some people wants you but they want to test you first. Maybe for job purpose, you get harassed, scolded, bullied, in front of a crowd. If you are “thick face” enough, you will pass the test and hired. If not, you will lose this job. Sometimes you need to apologize to certain people, even though is not your fault.

Some people admire people who are “thick face” enough to get hired. And these “thick face” people are the most wanted and appreciated in certain work fields. If you can “hold back” and face whatever challenges ahead, you are almost reaching your goal. This is one golden opportunity.

Stop being low-esteem, get rid of negative thoughts.

You aren’t going anywhere, not even when the one and only chance waiting for you, if you don’t get rid of low-esteem and negative thoughts. You have to be strong, be positive to achieve. Don’t be superstitious because it won’t get you what you want. Your chances are running away.

Whatever it is, GANBATE! Keep it up!

#181: Happy Deepavali

It was so noisy before and after midnight with all those fireworks and firecrackers. Now, it’s so quiet since morning. Nobody interested to let out anything?

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to everyone.

I got awaken at round 9.50am by a Streamyx customer complaining that she couldn’t Whatsapp using Wi-Fi after I upgraded her Streamyx to 4Mbps. For your information, her PC needs to do some clearing. Too slow with all the unnecessary toolbars and viruses. Told her to do herself but! Her modem also a bit problem one. I was having a nice dream AND she woke me!

Then I went to do toilet business, played my tablet awhile and went back to sleep. Just woke up BY HIM and I was dreaming something sort of heroic! Why are you people disturbing my beauty sleep on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY??!!?

Thunder came along with heavy rain BUT all I hear now is just Thunder himself. Rain stopped.