#295: a hunter is always hunted by others, no matter where he goes or what he does.

a hunter can never be on low profile because he can never have one. he is always in the wanted list.

a hunter is always alert of his surroundings, waiting silently, ready for any kind of attacks.

whatever i am saying here is just based on my personal point of view.

a hunter has to be strong and independent, in some ways, to protect himself and/or his family and/or love ones.

a hunter will always hunt, hunt till last breath. never give up.

a hunter can be very stubborn at times. thinking he is always right.

#294: past midnight…

It’s about 1 hour pay midnight. Bought the mcd Hawaiian deluxe burger but haven’t eat. Ate mcflurry just now.

First time blogging inside the car while listening to foongpc’s tracks on SoundCloud.

Gotten too much mosquitoes bites so had to start car Engine and on the air con. Another me time here.

It’s not easy to get so many of the me time, not as much as I want it. If only I’ve keyboard. Typing with only 1 finger is not something slow but a bit inconvenient.

Sometimes things don’t go like how I want it. It’s just not the same. There’s disappointment in between. Regrets come from no where. And there’s no way to fix it. Might as well don’t think about it. Words easy to say. But actions hard to do.

Hoping for something that you may not get is common. The more you hope, the more you crave for it. When you don’t get it, you feel useless. You feel demotivated.

Am I the only one who tries to comfort myself here? Trying to convince myself that a better day is ahead. And I will surely get what I want?

#293: home alone but not in own home

you don’t have to know what am i talking about. just too free, nothing to do, and while listening to SoundCloud, so thought of writing something here. nothing special.

it’s kinda peaceful when nobody else at home. except for phone alerts. no puppy barking. no children running around, screaming. just me and the whole house. my me time. finally. although i would prefer to be own home but it’s okay. as long as i get my me time.

it’s not like i get my me time all the time. if you know what i mean, you will understand. we need our me time and that is not replaceable by anything.

#292: chocolate did not do its job this time…

ate 3 little heart shaped chocolate from yesterday’s wedding. nope. they didn’t work for me this time. i’m still unhappy and i’m having thoughts in mind.

it is easy when 2 person playing the same game because killing portals and recapping them simultaneously fast. but when only 1 person is allowed to capture portals while the other person is only allowed to do so when the first person said so. that’s because the first person wants to earn the badge first. then only i; the 2nd person can do any portal capturing; which i think it is getting too much and it is really testing my patience. if i accidentally capture. and just 1 portal, the first player is so unhappy that he sometimes put the blame directly on me. and discontinue the whole place. why am i given the blame?

this is not fair at all.. i might as well don’t tag along. i can only destroy and hack most of the time. which i don’t mind because it is hit and run for me, inside the car. i have to wait for you to capture every single portal of that area before i can do so..

it’s really hitting my nerves… who would understand this kind of feeling? our game play is different and i want to follow his option all the time. i have my style of playing.

i just don’t feel like sleeping, and this isn’t our bed! i want to go home. but the computer is in this house, his parents’ house. i want own bed. i want everything own.

it won’t be easy if i am to be a killer as well as fielder; which i prefer to kill rather to field. i only field as when i want to, and that’s when i don’t want to keep keys.

it was somehow fun when i managed to kill 1 of the accuser’s portal. and disturbed another girl. i’m not done with the accuser yet. that’s her payback for accusing me. i can’t hit her on her face but i can certainly kill her portals, links and fields in the game.