#213: GST 6%

It’s April Fool’s Day and believe it or not, it’s the beginning of GST 6% AND headache!

I’m seriously having a headache here. Popped a panadol just now.

Pleased to inform that all Unifi & Streamyx are subject to GST 6% commencement on 1 April 2015.

Please refer to the attachment for the new rate.


VIP 5 RM 157.94
VIP 10 RM 210.94
VIP 20 RM 263.94

BBD 1M RM 116.6
BBD 2M RM 137.8
BBD 4M RM 148.4
BBD 8M RM 169.6

BIZ 5 RM 210.94
BIZ 10 FIXED IP RM 634.94
BIZ 20 FIXED IP RM 952.94


This ain’t something good because we have to pay more. This is no joke at all.

Looks like we really need to learn to how to save. It’s going long-term and we the consumers are affected, whether we like it or not.

There people out there, crazy I would say, having pre-GST shopping, stocking up goods. Hello people, do you think you’ve made the best choice? How long can the food you buy last?

#211: almost kena snatched

Came out from someone’s house.
Handed back her clothes.
He went into his car.
I continue to talk to the lady.
The lady was telling me about some places.
Finished talk.
Walking back to her house, he signaled from his car, asking me to make a call.
I was making the call when a Malay guy come out of no where, trying to snatchb my phone.
I was holding the phone with its cover opened like about book.
I held it tightly, kicked him with my right leg.
And screamed.
Then I woke up.
My Sony is still safe.

#210: the big boy is jealous

That his little cousin brother get to go Korea. Big boy has gone on the aeroplane but as far as little boy. He was sort of complaining, that the family went on trip using his money, that was ridiculous. The family of three used own money to travel while big boy is just studying standard 2! I did scold him yesterday, not realising his reason. If his dad earn as much as the little family, big boy can get trips like this too. Jealousy can destroy relationships, much faster than you ever know.

Little does big boy know, he is making other people angry because of his behavior. His grandmother disappointed and angry when he said the little family used his money to travel. What makes him say so? My guess. He thought that his cousin is raise like him, by his grandparents, not own parents. Why? The family is staying in his grandparents’ house, that’s why. Big boy grew up without proper parents’ love and care; mostly from the grandparents, aunts and uncles. That is something makes him jealous easily. This is something that I saw, since I don’t stay with him.

I am not sure how correct am I but it certainly something that I see personally, that other people might not see daily. Can you imagine yourself as big boy? I don’t see it uncommon for a boy of his age to get jealous, and it won’t be easy to make him not to get jealous because I don’t think his dad is capable enough to bring him travel out of Malaysia. I mean, the furthest, maybe Singapore. Korea? Dream it.

Big boy has own thoughts and not easily telling out. Some one should really sit down and talk to him, understand him, find out the reasons behind his actions, and etc. Sometimes it is not easy for me to ask him questions but there were times when he is willing for a little soft Q&A session.

Big boy’s jealousy grew as much as he grew. Sometimes little things can make me behave in such way. Imagine.. Your cousin siblings have parents supporting, caring and loving them all the time; while you only have your sister and dad who doesn’t pay much attention to you; how would you feel?

Big boy doesn’t know how to control his feelings now. That’s why he is letting his emotional out, just like that. And that angers people around him. Sometimes we adults do the same. He is just following us.