#147: TVB: Black Heart White Soul: Episodes 29-30

Madam Sin died but she doesn’t deserve it.

Gillian coma, looks more like a sleeping doll. If she listen to Funny, that accident the house won’t happen.

Matt survived but he doesn’t deserve it. Although jailed but he’s still up to no good, he only thinks about himself.

Marco remained a mad man?

Henry died in a road accident that he made. He deserved it. A man like him doesn’t deserve to be alive because he thinks with the money and power, he can do anything including controlling people’s life.

Scarlet died and she deserved it. Instead of killing Henry, she died after getting shot by him.

Denise joined force with the police to prove that Matt did illegal things, against the law. Didn’t expect her to copied all the money’s serial numbers.

May signed the divorce letter but Matt didn’t. Although she saved him from the shooting and he survived but got kidney problem, at the end she joined force with the police to put Matt into jail.

#146: TVB: Black Heart White Soul: Episode 28

Looks like Matt really loves May that he wants to protect her from Henry. Will he able to protect himself too? Although he made a deal with the police but can the police really able to protect him? Funny almost succeed getting copies of data from the laptop into the thumb drive, IF this stupid Gillian didn’t come in. AND SHE IS SO SO STUPID THAT she wants to tell her dad? She’s not concern about her husband safety at all! Is Funny going to be safe or dead?

#145: TVB: Black Heart White Soul: Episode 27

Matt wants to migrate to Solomon Islands with May? Is he running away from everyone and everything he has done in Hong Kong? Funny will not let him go. He has to pay for he has done, he should face the law, and the law should punish Matt. If Matt doesn’t follow what Henry wants, will Henry hurt May? Does Matt want that to happen? Miu Miu really hates Matt. Why Matt’s brother suddenly so good already one? Really forgive the bad brother? Why did May call and tell Matt about the photo frame? Why expose so fast? No matter what Matt did, I think he loves May.

#144: TVB: Black Heart White Soul: Episodes 1-26

I’ve watched until yesterday’s episode 26, the latest. When I knew about this show coming out, I can’t wait. I love watching Roger Kwok because he can act very funny, very devil, he’s just so good at it. The storyline attracted me too.

It’s raining out there and I’m typing this while eating potato chips.

Casts (some casts taken from Wikipedia)

Matt met a road accident, later became handicap. To his dad and brother, Matt is a burden because of the medical fees, limited movements, and special care. They are not wealthy so it was difficult. Matt then became a lawyer; a wheel-chaired lawyer. He stays alone. he had his hard way, he goes therapy, and so on. After the incident, Matt is not really a good guy anymore. Because of money, anger, jealous and fame, he can do anything, including betrayal, illegal and murder. He wants to protect himself only. He thinks is so unfair that he can’t walk anymore. He blames the people who turned him handicap. He hates Funny because Funny caused the years ago accident while chasing after a bad guy. Matt used Funny, pretends to be friends.

Funny is a nice guy who doesn’t want to hurt anybody including his mom (Madam Sin) and Gillian. He didn’t know Matt used him until he got fishy and found out about the tracking device in the wallet that Matt gave him someday ago. Funny sincerely befriended with Matt. Somehow he regretted causing a normal man became handicap. Matt met Funny in one robbery case that involved May,

Lau Yim, Marco and Henry. At that time, nobody knew Marco and Henry were involved, everybody thought it was May. Matt from a good lawyer turned bad when he accepted the money that Denise gave him, on behalf of Marco. At the end, May went into prison because Matt failed to win the case. He was bribed to lose. Funny and May still thought that he tried his best to save her. Lau Yim was May’s ex-boyfriend, who caused her in jail. He’s also Miu Miu’s elder brother.

Miu Miu is May’s friend. No matter how bad is Lau Yim, I don’t think he will want May to die. He was betrayed by his good friend too. Miu Miu is really fat but cute in some ways. She is so scare of Matt because he is so bad! She feels that Matt might hurt her, she was shocked to see the hidden camera at the flower vase, she doesn’t want to home with May.

May is Matt’s wife. She never thought that Matt can be so bad. She trusted him and Funny, later. She married a devil. She’s scared too. She doesn’t know what to do. She bought him a photo frame with hidden camera, hoping that he doesn’t finds out.

Funny is playing a dangerous game here. Either he’s dead or alive. He is trying to get close to Henry and pretending to be good with Henry the father-in-law and Matt, stand by them. He’s up to something that he doesn’t want his mom, Madam Sin to know either. He’s trying to pretend some bad guy here as cover up of what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to hurt Gillian, the wife but he can’t let go of his job. So he has to play along, even though he’s hurting his mom, and May.

Gillian is doll. Her facial expressions are almost the same for all scenes. Who the hell is she? A 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant that never acted before? Did she attend acting course or not? Don’t like her. She plays an innocent and damn stupid girl!

Scarlet, ex-girlfriend of Marco and wife of Henry is so materialistic and money minded. She left Marco because he wasn’t wealthy at that time. She rather go back to Henry, get abuse, rather than runaway with Marco (when he was frame for murder). She only thinks about herself. She would abuse herself to convince Marco to revenge on Henry.

Marco is bad guy but he really loves Scarlet. He would do anything for her. Why didn’t he like Denise instead? Now he’s crazy for sure? or he fake it? At the end, who will survive and who will die?

to be continue…


RM50 worth of goods that I bought from JUSCO AEON Taman Equine stolen when I left them aside near the staircase of B10 while I drove out and in the barrier gate to park my car downhill, behind. Don’t know who the FUCK stole my big bag of goods in recycle bag. The thief so clever left the box of mosquito coils untouched and the bag of goods from Daiso untouched. I asked 2 neighbors who saw me and they don’t where it go. Luckily I didn’t put takeaway McD there! FUCK YOU THIEF!!! YOU THINK I GOT SO MUCH MONEY MEH!!!!?? The missing items I bought: a very small old cucumber, a pack of straws, cherry tomatoes, tidbits, frozen fish fillets, instant noodles, cincaus and Japanese cucumbers.I can’t carry so much stuff uphill if I park my car first. See! Now what happen? THIEF!!! Like that also want to steal. If you afford to stay here, you are not poor. Why? Because you need to pay maintenance fee! Luckily I didn’t but any ice cream or else HABIS! You don’t know Japanese is it? That’s why you didn’t steal that bag? Got food inside you know?

Next time I will keep to delivery! Safe time, hassle free, safe from thieves!!!