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#16: I’m not his passenger..

True enough I’m not.. he doesn’t have to report his whereabouts… we are just friends.. somehow I felt unhappy like needles poking me.. I really need to learn not to rely on him.. he’s one male friend who’s willing to listen to me… I don’t want to lose our friendship.. it’s always comfortable talking to him… but I felt I rely on him too much.. I survived my recent depression.. I know it will come back.. I know I’ll never be the passenger of anybody else.. if I don’t stop… I’ll end up killing myself in my own hands.. it’s a joy when friends care for you.. never take it for granted.. I never had… the feeling… on friends… letting go is like killing me.. softly… slowly… but if it continue… it will ruin our friendship and that’s not what I want.. sometimes his sillyness makes me laugh.. his straightforwardness makes me cry and wakes me up, to see the truth.. to me he’s a good guy.. maybe devilish at times but that doesn’t matter.. I like him the way he is.. real friend is all that matters..

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#15: him

I’m grateful to have him as a friend… I sincerely trust him.. I appreciate every moment of our friendship.. his straightforward words… woke me in some ways.. never judge a book by its cover.. you’ll never know what’s hidden inside.. he call himself a bad listener.. it’s okay… I don’t need him to be a perfect listener but someone who’s willing to listen to me.. I don’t want to talk to myself again… I’m not crazy.. I don’t want to talk to the empty space… I’m not expecting solution or answer.. I just want a listener.. he call himself mean… no… he’s not… he’s just trying to point of facts.. he did made me cry… but I cried not because he said bad things or whatsoever… I cried because he said the truth.. we are from different family backgrounds. We are born in different generations. But somehow I felt that he thinks more mature than me.. maybe it’s life experience… I owe him a lot more than I can repay.. it’s the appreciation.. the kind of helpfulness.. the kind of friendship.. that money can’t buy….  thank you..

He’s not really that bad… except that he’ll go missing without notification… whenever my messages sent without any reply for a long time… I knew he’s not reading… phone somewhere in the pocket… he’s away… well… I don’t expect prompt reply but at least tell me Lah…. then I won’t message first… that’s him… always like that… bad boy.

Everyone has a devil side. It’s whether we want to show it or not. I won’t believe if you tell me you’re perfectly good.. no devilish thinking… this and that.. you’re lying… I’ve never said he’s a good guy… our interpretations of devil may be different.. I don’t see you a devil yet… bad yes, devil no.

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#14: Wong & Ho Dental Clinic

I’ve been seeing this dentist from the day I fixed the braces until now, I think.. he’s the best among the dentists that I went to.  Doc (that’s how I call him) aka doctor Wong, is sone much nicer and friendlier and doesn’t make me over nervous nor over scare.. I always hate to go dental clinic because dentist scares me more than my toothaches..  why private dental clinic? Why not go government? Maybe going government is cheaper but is so far.. and if in case of emergency.. this one is so near me… and no long queues… I’ve seen government ones.. I don’t see the kinda of personal touch as this one… a good dentist will not scare away patients but rather bring them back from time to time.. that’s why I will go back to him.. he’s one of the a few dentists around my area..