#330: small case to you but it ain’t really small..

at least not to me..

i was at jaya one blast blue fields to get purifier ap. i was blasting from the main road; 2 spots then went up to slope to the school and came down to cold storage. parked there. engine off, lights off. then… when i decided to head over to the state for another round of blasting, my car can’t start. battery dead. it was late and what the hell!? why at this time?

i can’t fix a car so i don’t know what to do. i text KS. he was having dinner with friends. he asked me to text AT to see if she can help jump start my car but no response. then i check comm, saw KH playing at rymba hills. called him and asked him come. he came after finished his fielding. it’s kinda scary because i was alone. and getting darker and darker.

KH’s car not strong enough to jump start mine. still.. i had to get KS to come. i really didn’t expect that he’s willing to come over. jump start twice but the minute on the lights, dead again. exchanged battery and it was working. that time we’re waiting for the tow truck (insurance covered – only pay if use toll). one kinda talkative tow guy. he thought KS is my boyfriend. 😀 😀 we are friends.

show the tow guy the way back here at bukit serdang. he parked the car tepi jalan. and on the way tu…. got road block.

really… really appreciated KS’s help and AT came to teman me while waiting for the tow truck. little things like this meant a lot to me. really… very… thank you…

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