#314: CNY: Rooster Day 15

This year, we didn’t celebrate Chap Goh Meh with his family. And we have eaten the dinner at my parents’ house earlier last week. We were away, attended outstation wedding in Muar, Johor. I wonder how much can I recap and tell you.

I stood at 1 corner of the room and took this picture. This room is really spacious for just the 2 of us.

We got a rectangular shaped room. I think all rooms are the same shape as they are all partitions. So some rooms will have windows, and some rooms without windows. Don’t ask me how many rooms in total because I didn’t count. Now… Lets see if I can find the website later.

We were given Access Card that works for the door and everything in the room, once the card is inserted into that particular slot.

There’s only 1 card so before we leave the room, must remember to take the card, otherwise no access. That night, out of sudden, I remembered I can have free WiFi. And I remembered I saw the SSID and Password on the Access Card. 😀 Forgot to check the speed but who cares… since it’s free.

Panorama view of the room before checking out.

If you need a bigger view of the pictures, please click on them.

There’s ASTRO, room fully air-conditioned, basic necessities, complimentary bottled waters.

AND water leaks in the toilet/washroom/bathroom; whatever you call it. I don’t know what you call that thing (for after toilet use), somewhere was leaking water out whenever I use it.

The TV is just opposite the Queen sized bed.We did on the TV, tuned in ASTRO but didn’t really watch because sleepy. And not in the mood to watch any shows. When we arrived on Saturday, there were 2 towels on the bed, and I used 1 for bathing that night. Before going for the trip, we bathed SO Mr. Driver dead fish when came back to the hotel. He did change his clothes while I was away at another room with the gang. Luckily me went back to our room or else I will have to sleep on the floor. If he’s sleeping already, I will have problem waking him up.

Behind the shop lot, this section is parking for hotel guests. You can park by the side too. If I’m not mistaken, 2 units/lots belong to the hotel.

It is a 3-storey building. Elite Hotel occupies 1st and 2nd floors while Ground floor is OldTown. Our room is facing this road (can clearly see the dustbins and bits of my car).

Elite Hotel for the night.

Address: 5-20, Jalan Ibrahim, Taman Sri Tanjung, 84000 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Contact: +60 6-953 3480

Until now, I still have no idea why is there curtain for wall only.

There’s no window but the curtain is there. Just like that. I didn’t see such thing from the girls’ room, nor from the guys’ rooms.


Now… why am I in Muar? I think I did mentioned before that we are attending a wedding, sometime ago. An outstation wedding dinner on the last day of Chinese New Year. First time ever we are away. On the way, we picked up @yasenshi from Nilai and together we went to the dinner, then sent him to his uncle. And on Sunday, we sent him back to Nilai. The coming back trip is more tiring and we were so sleepy. But kinda fun too.

I’m mixing up my story already… Brain not functioning properly…

People go back after attending dinner but we did something else. People must be wondering why are we standing by the roadside, holding our phones. Playing Pokemon maybe.

We fracked 1 of the 3 portals. And starburst it, as a gift to the bridegroom.

Apart from the wedding, we were did Ingress. How can we not UPV and UPC and field? Our scores are still in AS09-LIMA-08 because that’s where we played for those 2 days. There is a portal near the hotel which I can’t hack at all. It was so annoying. Oh well… came back with full inventory anyway…


Talking about the wedding. I always thought that only KL wedding dinners are not punctual. Outstations are more punctual but nope. Not much comment on the food but it might be the first time I had 2 pork dishes. The MC, a lady, attractive (my point of view).
The next morning, Sunday. We woke up late, so didn’t follow them for breakfast. Instead we had our brunch at the food stall (house) near the hotel, after checked out. I DID set my alarm twice but still I sleep on… Awaken by the door bell (the 3rd wake). Did my usual routine and packed, while waiting for the driver to wake up. Upon wake up, I found out the both corners of my mouth dry and cracked. Damn it!

Cheap char kueh tiaw, hot milo kosong and otak-otak.

Simple food to start with. Both days also I woke up late. Initially I wanted to have beef noodles at the Seremban market but failed. By the time we reached the hotel and got into our room, we were like almost not much time left. We were gaming as we go, meaning we were stopping here and there.

After brunch, we played awhile before picking up @yasenshi from his uncle’s house. Then we had cendol from this fenced place where the water tower stood.

The stall owner stays in the fenced compound.

There is a portal here. The guys had everything in their bowls and I had mine with pulut only. Looking at the water tower now, it reminds me of an octopus. We then continue our journey to further south. Until we came to this temple with portals and the urge to go toilet. Before leaving, we fielded, I bought a packet of pineapple while @yasenshi got himself ice cream.

So many tourists and traders.

This place is quite near to the sea (according to the map). Further south before crossing to Batu Pahat, we found the sea.

Got monkeys too. I was like “finally….” And we slept while the driver drives on….. until at 1 portal he woke me up to hack.

The place is called Sarang Buaya (something like that).

The end of Muar.


Initial plan to Batu Pahat is to find the said otak-otak. But failed because tak buka. So we ended up eating at the hawker center.

Driver’s food and the guys’ drinks are not here. Too hungry and too tired. After that we went to search for toilet. And journey how + Ingress. We were stopping at all R&R to hack and/or cap. We 3 had supper in Nilai (drop off @yasenshi). Then I guess driver was too sleepy, we actually slept inside the car until morning don’t know what time before heading home for real.

Before I forget, @dsanee had our IGNs on the seating list. First time not seeing our names on such list.

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