#311: CNY: Rooster Day 6

Only yesterday I realized the real Rooster Year only star on Li Chun Day; the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, and that was on Monday, 30 January 2017.

Silly me… I keep forgetting that..

Next week, we are attending an outstation wedding dinner. It’s not the first time for me because 1 of his sister’s wedding held in Pahang, years ago. The only difference now is, is not family wedding dinner.

Listening to SoundCloud while blogging is really nice. @Entarii suddenly brought me back to childhood. Those happier times… Stress-free days…. These songs of the era…. Miss those days…

Yesterday had a slice of papaya and I’m kinda on detox mode. Might have to go baking second time.

Mom came to his house yesterday with my “jai choi” and it’s gone. Yummy…

Finally had my first official meal at 8 pm ++ and that’s dinner. Then ate an apple while watching recorded Chinese New Year movie from ASTRO. And now back to where I am now.

Does it really matter if he is never to tell me his name? Although I really want to know. How can one address another person without knowing his name? I don’t mind calling his IGN but it’s much proper to call his name like how I want my name to be known; apart from my IGN.

No matter how many times I’ve asked, I still failed. I give up. If that’s the way how he wants it, let it be. It’s not easy to find someone whom I can really talk to. There must be some kind of chemistry here.

I’ve some agents who told to stay away from the opposite faction. Why? This is a social game where we should interact freely and ha

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