#309: CNY: Rooster Day 3

It’s just another normal, boring day for me. Sleep… Eat… Computer… Most of the time. Ingress only when I go out. Pokémon also only when I go out.. Didn’t watch any TV shows.. Not really…

The feast done by mom and pictures taken from Aunty Maggie’s Facebook.

LDP was kinda flooded when we’re heading back to USJ.

Steamed Chicken with Kei Chi

Dad chopped the chicken after it’s cooked. Aunty Maggie took all the bony pieces. I don’t like the breast part. So had some of other parts. 🙁

Mussels with Ginger

Why ginger?! Anyway… They are yummy…

Forgot to ask mom what soup did she boil…

Deconstructed Honey Glazed Pork

Mom’s oven out of order. So she cooked the pork in the wok.

Prawns, Gingko, Chestnuts and Vegetables

Aunty Maggie doesn’t eat cucumber so…. this dish is not for her… 😀

Yee Sang with Salmon

Aunty Maggie brought this over.

There’s a birthday cake fro Karyne; my brother’s girlfriend; for her birthday. Orange cheesecake by mom. Took a quarter back since my fatty brother said they can’t finish the remaining of the cake.

Had some durians…

Had chocolate brownies; by mom. And took some home. Both brownies and cheesecake are inside the fridge.

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