#78: December

Is here again. Started off with a Free Frozen Fanta from McD, for completing an onsite survey. That was few days ago.

Also, flu got worse after getting caught in rain. And fever after that. Thanks to Hurix’s flu medicine that i bought from 7-11.

Yesterday we had dinner with his parents in a vegetarian restaurant, nearby his parents’ house, in Seri Kembangan. His mom’s birthday falls on the 5th, Tuesday. I had no idea about the dinner because he didn’t tell me about it. It was his mom asking, only then I know. Imagine if I agreed to go back my parents’ house for dinner. Anyway, that’s his fault for not telling in the first place. Not my fault.

He came back with shoes and clothes. He bought Giordano jeans, which I think got discounts for 2 pairs. And Tomaz shoes, shirt, pants, and jacket, which these are not meant for daily use at all. Especially the jacket. He said wear to dinners. I was like… what?! Who three hell wear like that in Malaysia? You’re not even a VIP of any sort that requires you to wear so formal. Sometimes I suspect his money spending got problem. Why spend on clothes that you rarely wear? It makes me felt like you want to show off, telling people that you can afford it but actually you don’t fit in the category.

The 12th marks our 11 years of marriage. I’m not reminding him at all. It’s really boring if I’ve to remind annually. A date that I don’t really bother anymore.

The 18th marks my birthday. Every year, no matter what, I’ll treat myself of my favorite, and buy myself a gift. I shall redeem Starbucks’ free cake. If only there’s Boost here, can get free drink. Juice works got extra 10% discount for birthday month. GSC also can get free movie with (*).

I think the best present to give me is money. I’m wishing for money.

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