#71: Reaching limits..

I don’t think I’m really that thick face to borrow anymore. Getting cash from him is harder than being thick face. If he can spend on himself more than you, it’s really time to think. Are you going to fight for yourself or for us? Is it worth anymore, if for us? Everyone is selfish at times.
I was happily posting pictures in my blog and suddenly blog dead. It’s in the progress of fixing and it’s making me unhappy. This is so not right.
Mom said I should get money from him. I did. But what’s his reaction? Sad case. I’ve said many times. Lies after lies I tried to comfort myself. What’s the point?
Still waiting for the morning job to start. Told him but he denied whatever I said, and still say I don’t go find a job. Job after job I applied. I can’t force people to hire me. You know what? He dare to ask me to ask those people why don’t hire me (he did said that once). You think I really that thick face meh?
I’m already reaching limits.

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