#64: Mission Mosaic: Green Lake Seri Serdang

This is my first creation. Initially was easy but Niantic rejected so ended up hard. There’s hacking, capping or upgrading, installing mods, linking, and passphrase. Each mission consists of 10 portals each. It took me a few days, walking around the lake at least 6 times, got sting by mosquitoes, and got allergies. It was really hard when you have to do links, and have to ADA portals. Used some JARVIS too because not enough of weapons.

Best if both factions do together. At the same time, exercise. It is not advisable to do after 8 pm (the latest) because it is really dark and if you do play in dark, you really have to watch your steps. There are crows flying above our heads, most of the time.

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