#50: need a break

i do need a break from here. not now. maybe after my 1 month job first. my mind thinks too much. it’s getting stuck. i’m data entry now. maximum pay can get up to RM 1500 but this isn’t really easy; the photo editing is the tricky part. minimum 100 rows per week. job start from 15/8/2017 till 15/9/2017. i’m struggling to get the 100 rows. didn’t work 1 day because of emotional breakdown. the pay. won’t last for a month but at least is something. and i’m trying to keep my mind from thinking stuff. though i can’t help it when i’m not working.

sometimes i will do multi-tasking, not letting my mind a break but that’s not the right way because i tend to stress more. even now i’m multi-tasking because i got a bit bored doing work. i’m breaking down more often than i can control. the type of heart pain is never ending. emotional breakdown is serious. but who knows? only friends who know what i’m facing, will understand. without them, i don’t know what will happen. though they can’t keep an eye on me all the time. heart breaks hurt all the time.

i don’t know yet where. but it’s a short trip. maybe a 1 day trip without me driving. i don’t drive long distance. not even as short as the nearest outstation state. driving can create tension, which i don’t want.

mosquitoes stinging me now. how i wish i have the mosquito racket with me now. had to close the windows. it’s so hot.

i have never been away alone. but i’m going to. it may not be the best solution for me. but it has to be something.

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