#46: responsibilities

On the way back from dinner (my breakfast, lunch, and dinner), saw 2 motorists riding their motorcycle, without wearing helmets. It’s not that they don’t have, I saw the guy behind holding it. What’s the point of holding a helmet and not wearing it? IF there’s an accident.. your head confirm gone case! Wearing the helmet helps. What are these guys thinking?

Told the man to get rid of the bird nest in the wall, behind the air-conditioner. From outside, you can see the hole where the birds fly in and out. He asked me to use something to chase them away. I did but they just come back! It’s so irritating when they flap their wings at night. Told him the bathroom light not working already. The toilet one already spoilt long ago. Told him not once but twice.

Sometimes reading my block chat is really hilarious. The chat created recently because they are not satisfied with the new management company, and the group AJK especially the chairman. They are complaining issues that arose long ago plus the new ones. Things that should have said long ago… actions that should have done long ago.. some of these (maybe all) still owe the monthly maintenance fees, and some are not owners. Whatever it is…. I’m not the owner. I have to report to the owner for any decision-making.

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