#36: there is a difference….

There are times before meeting someone in person, you would get bits of stories about this person… what I got is mostly told one-sided. It’s not 100% true.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Meeting that someone in person tells you a lot more than just hearing stories.. though you might say.. that person is just acting in front of you.. don’t believe this… don’t believe that…

I believe my instincts.

If a person doesn’t like you, no matter what you do, that person will never like you, disagree with you, against you, hate you, and etc..

Once a hater, always a hater.

This is the reality of all situations.. of all things… around us.. happening daily… every seconds…

It’s a never ending story.

This game allowed me to meet people of all ages and backgrounds. People from different countries including home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in which faction. It’s the opportunit that connects us. But in reality… there are chances we fight among ourselves due to different game ideology.

It’s a social game.

my 2 cents thought.. goodnight!

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