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#32: sweat…..

After walking back from the bazaar ramadhan at the shops there… naik bukit ni… badan bau asap dan peluh… one of my favorite activity of the year… pictures? My Facebook page and g+ got.. Bought my nasi lemak kerang and ikan pari asam pedas from husband and wife stalls… 2 stalls.. 2 locations… I’ve known them for a few years… Since the time when I was doing tm doket @ maintenance at kinrara/puchong area.. orang beli for buka puasa.. i beli for breakfast sebab bangun lambat. Sampai rumah tu… sweat je…. tu tengah buka bungkusan… sedia nak makan…. baju seluar.. semua basah… makanan total 10 ringgit.. air lai chee kang ais 2 ringgit, pek besar… masih lagi minum ni… tapi ais dah habis melted.. peluh pun sudah kering… sweat not because of really hot weather but the place is cooking up… some sellers are cooking there… and not really windy when i walked back just now.. as usual… people park like they own the place.. luckily I don’t have to drive… just walk.. there are cars everywhere including places that you are not allowed to park.. I usually hunt for certain food only… mahal ke murah… ikut citarasa je… what’s wrong with me today? Dwi bahasa pulak..


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