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#24: what does a girl want?

I’m speaking in general… my opinion on random order… so don’t get angry with me…

get to know her before judging her. Stories that you heard may not be true..

share with her everything.. Don’t hide… because hiding will destroy your relationship with her.. it will make her suspicious and not to trust you..

love her sincerely.. truly… without bad motives.. dearly.. honestly.. and she’ll love you back the same..

promises are meant to be done.. Don’t promise when you aren’t doing it.. because you’re lying to her and to yourself.. Don’t hurt her with your promises..

hold her hand wherever & whenever.. if she’s the one & only one… Don’t let her go… hold her hands when crossing the road,  walking to a restaurant, while watching a movie, etc.. let her know your presence..

comfort & security are best come together.. if a girl doesn’t feel comfortable with you, she’ll feel insecure because you can’t seem to protect her. Nobody wants to be with a jerk who only thinks about himself all the time..

hugs & kisses don’t come together most of the time. But they should! They make a girl feels warm and loving.. Don’t just hug & kiss her when having sex! That’s so wrong!

true friends who will never look down on you.. always there to lend a hand/ear, helping/listening to you.. supportive.. straightforward.. care for you.. never compare you with others.. addresses you as friend and not something else like “clown”, “stupid”, etc.

surprises on special occasions like birthday, anniversary,  etc… makes a girl happier ever. It doesn’t have to be expensive but rather something sincere, something to remember.. it doesn’t need to be big either.. sometimes giving a girl surprises on non occassion days works too. But how many guys do that?

Happy day!


Malaysian Chinese who speaks & writes in English & Malay, and can understand basic Cantonese & Mandarin only. Born in Petaling Jaya, stays in Seri Kembangan.

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