#14: Wong & Ho Dental Clinic

I’ve been seeing this dentist from the day I fixed the braces until now, I think.. he’s the best among the dentists that I went to.  Doc (that’s how I call him) aka doctor Wong, is sone much nicer and friendlier and doesn’t make me over nervous nor over scare.. I always hate to go dental clinic because dentist scares me more than my toothaches..  why private dental clinic? Why not go government? Maybe going government is cheaper but is so far.. and if in case of emergency.. this one is so near me… and no long queues… I’ve seen government ones.. I don’t see the kinda of personal touch as this one… a good dentist will not scare away patients but rather bring them back from time to time.. that’s why I will go back to him.. he’s one of the a few dentists around my area..

#10: what chemistry is this?

Sometimes I do query… what kinda chemistry do we have here? I can really tell him so much things that I can’t tell anyone else… not even my girlfriends… I tell him all sort of things.. including personal ones that I don’t usually share out… I mean only with really close friends, maybe… but he’s one who has the privilege above all.. what sorcery is this?