#16: I’m not his passenger..

True enough I’m not.. he doesn’t have to report his whereabouts… we are just friends.. somehow I felt unhappy like needles poking me.. I really need to learn not to rely on him.. he’s one male friend who’s willing to listen to me… I don’t want to lose our friendship.. it’s always comfortable talking to him… but I felt I rely on him too much.. I survived my recent depression.. I know it will come back.. I know I’ll never be the passenger of anybody else.. if I don’t stop… I’ll end up killing myself in my own hands.. it’s a joy when friends care for you.. never take it for granted.. I never had… the feeling… on friends… letting go is like killing me.. softly… slowly… but if it continue… it will ruin our friendship and that’s not what I want.. sometimes his sillyness makes me laugh.. his straightforwardness makes me cry and wakes me up, to see the truth.. to me he’s a good guy.. maybe devilish at times but that doesn’t matter.. I like him the way he is.. real friend is all that matters..

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