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#6: worth the fun…

I’m tired.. tired of driving… tired of glyphing… tired of fielding… tired of linking… but every second worth the fun… sometimes it’s good to be tired… don’t have to think…

Fun is fun but don’t have to be so hardcore.. I did thought of leveling up 16 before mission day melaka, which is about 1 month’s time but I find it a bit too ridiculous.. I can if I want but I’ll be like exhausted… then there’s no more fun..

I’m now about 24.5 millions AP, and level 16 needs 40 millions AP.. today I managed to grind about 300k AP only… consider a lot for me with limited weapons, limited reso, limited fields, and the only cluster at atmosphere.. consider okay but can be better..

I try not to have high expectations with the way I’m playing because it depends on my mood. Different cluster, different fielding, total AP varies. I don’t field the same all the time. I field as I go… my abstract masterpiece comes in all shapes and sizes.


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