#300: own crisis…

sometimes it is just not easy to make decision. nobody wants to regret over any decision made. many times i wanted to leave the group but somehow I’m reluctant. I don’t know why I chicken out every time. i felt that is still not time yet. maybe i compared too much between kajang team and pj team. they are 2 different teams of the same faction. both sides play the game differently. based on own opinion. pj team more fun, more relaxing, more crazy. talking to the other faction is not a

#299: water crisis again..

if you knew no water this week, what will you do? keep spare water right? or you’ve been keeping spare water or the while? most Chinese families will keep extra water in tanks, tubs, etc. i mean.. this is not the first time, so why aren’t you guys keeping extra water? that tub out there is not enough for so many people! you should know that..  but you don’t seem to bother when there’s water. can you imagine if suddenly you have stomach ache and no water to flush? do

main temple.

#298: Chin Swee Caves Temple: Part 2

Read Part 1 if you haven’t. Most of the photos here taken by my friends during the day trip. With their permissions, I am sharing here with you. They are placed in random orders. Click on the photos to get a bigger view. Now… I got more photos to share. The temple compound is spacious. Except that there are parts under renovation. From afar, they look real. Actually all the statues here look real from afar. This place is really amazing! Look at the pillars… Each and every details are

journey to enlightenment

#297: Chin Swee Caves Temple: Part 1

Yesterday, we went to Chin Swee Caves Temple, Genting Highlands. The first time we went there was night. Coming here day and night is different. The atmosphere is different; colder at night and slight bugs disturbance, but the view is beautiful with lights everywhere; as for day, for me is not cold because i don’t need my cardigan at all. But you get to see the surroundings better, the temple is open for visit. Almost forgot to snap the view. I can’t snap at night when it was so dark. It looks