#169: TVB: Line Walker: Episode 27

Samantha Ko cannot act and not pretty. She’s only good with body gesture and her evil and bitchy character in this show. She’s not a good undercover nor a good cop anymore. She’s the dark side. She betrayed Charmaine Sheh by telling Pong about Oscar Leung. Charmaine shouldn’t ask Oscar to help him. He’s so clever to find info at Pong’s table and he doesn’t know about the hidden camera.

Sharon Chan is in danger. Will she survive? Katie is against her boss Kwok Wing now. Will she be okay? Sharon is a bad dancer. Long legs but cannot dance. Maybe can seduce guys only. Her storyline with Kobe was nothing special, just to drag long the show.

Bao Seed seems like he doesn’t want to follow instructions. He seems like blaming himself for not able to save and/or protect innocent lives. He and Charmaine still haven’t reconcile. Will they?

There’s not much excitement in this episode that’s heart-breaking. Just draggy.

Do you ever wonder, whatever we do, worth the price? And worth the time? Think of sacrifices, monetary, health and loved ones. YES? Or NO?


It’s raining and I’ve a song to share on this gloomy cooling evening.

So nice to hear.

Best weather to continue sleeping…

Pringles Cheesy Cheese is totally disappointment because cheesy taste is missing.

The rain is getting heavier now but not thunderstorm. No thanks because that’s scary.

#166: TESCO is unreliable

TESCO is 1 unreliable online grocery shopping! I had no choice because I wanted a Sunday delivery and they have promotion (FREE delivery if you buy RM150 above).

I was waiting for my goods while typing this post.

This is the 2nd time I order water chestnut and NO STOCK!

The seedless green grapes are not fresh and about to spoil!




You know what did the delivery guy say? I can’t remember exact but it’s something like this:


What? If REDTICK guys can. why can’t TESCO guys?

What kind of excuse is this?

garlic toasts + chicken sausage + unfinished food

#165: Brunch for 2


Hello Sunday!

What’s for brunch?

We woke up after noon so it’s brunch time. I’ve not make this type of meal long time. Since I’ve not finished food, and bought bread and garlic spread, so best to make this on a Sunday brunch. You can make this for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper; All up to you.

garlic toasts + chicken sausage + unfinished food

garlic toasts + chicken sausage + unfinished food

Mind the watermark. It’s suppose to be transparent but the words cannot see so I made opaque with a white background.

As you can see, there are 3 types of food on the plate.

Garlic Toast

I bought a box of garlic spread and a loaf of Massimo bread yesterday. I didn’t use the bread toaster, instead I baked them in the round convention oven at 175°C for about 15 minutes or until how crunchy you want them to be. Garlic spread on both sides of the breads (4 slices). No burn marks at all. Next time will need to spread more of the garlic, not enough. I like my garlic toasts or breads with lots of garlic spread on it.

TESCO is not here yet. And I doubt they will call me before coming. Made him a small cup of Vietnamese Cappuccino using the hot water boiled in the new Morgan 1.7L Electric Kettle that I redeemed from Cosway Sri Sinar, a few days ago. The old ones I’ve put outside my unit, for the cleaners to take. Cannot use also can sell. Actually can use; 1 don’t know why keep getting ants, and 1 the lid cover keep falling inside.

Chicken Sausage

Frozen ones of course. Just defrost, poke some holes on it, and cook inside the oven (used the same temperature as the toasts) for a few minutes or less. The 2 sausages were a bit bloated when cooked.

Cold Pasta Salad

Button mushrooms (can) + chick peas (can) + corn kernels (can) + pasta (penne) + salt + pepper + minced chicken meat cooked in vegetable stock; unfinished food that I kept inside the fridge. Still got some more inside the fridge. Still cannot finish. I think I’m going to transfer into a container and keep inside the freezer.

Just made myself a cup of the cappuccino. I’m not a coffee lover but the aroma was so attractive. Long time no a cup of hot drink like this at home, on a Sunday evening like this. TESCO coming because the driver just asked for directions…………….. Arrived!