Moisturizing Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Bought this #AloeVeraGel from #MineyoConceptStore #MineyoUSJMydin on Sunday night before going home. I’m using it as #FaceMask #CutHealer #ItchyHealer and it’s #MultipleUsage all in 1 small tub. After put inside fridge, it’s still gel, not frozen or hard. Smells good too. I normally do my #mask overnight because can face cells are more relax and can absorb goodness better. #MydinMalaysia #Mineyo #Korean

Looking for a job?

Are you tired of working from morning till night?

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  • NOT Money Scam
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We are E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) business, where all transactions of buying and selling done online (Internet). We are currently recruiting FREELANCE ONLINE SHOP CONSULTANT nationwide.

You can…

  • Work any where
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You need…

  • Smart Phone or Computer (some people prefer computer, it’s up to you)
  • Internet Access

Income: RM 1,200 to RM 6,000 per month (Part time income)

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Requirement: Malaysian, Singapore or PR, age >= 18 years old

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RF Protection Device

Please watch this short video (34 seconds):

It’s your health, DO NOT take a chance!

Is your mobile phone having a good defence?

Consumers should be given the opportunity to know what potential health consequences they may experience as a result of using cellular and cordless phones. Until all the facts are in, the best offense consumers have is a good defence.

Benefits of this protection device:
– Reduces up to 98% of RF and microwave radiation emitted from the earpiece
– Utilizes U.S. Department of Defence and advanced military radar-absorbing and stealth technology
– Easy to apply and does not require any power source
– Does not interfere with phone use or performance
– Will last longer than your mobile or cordless phone
– Resistant to adverse environmental conditions

I am selling this device, anyone interested, just PM me 😉