#240: i trust what i see what i hear

if you don’t believe my instincts then it’s your choice not to listen. I trust what I see and what I hear. don’t just listen to 1 person especially if that person isn’t the same company as you. neither should you listen to just your same company colleague. use your heart to see and hear.

he can be an old sly fox killing you softly from all directions without you noticing it. if you someone tell me that he’s putting poison here and there, I will believe because this old man isn’t as sincere as you may think he is. not to say that he won’t but precaution is what we need.

things that you buy, you should take back because they don’t belong to him. he’s borrowing them and sooner or later they will be his, I’m referring the new foldable ladder and the drill set. especially those! and whatsoever that doesn’t belong to him.

ham said he’s always talking bad about us. and he said that ham talks bad about us. who’s talking right? maybe both of them back-stab us but if ham is right, mr old man here is the worse culprit here.

#239: what is happening?

i am not pin pointing anyone in particular. i just don’t understand why would you want to be racist? this is a beautiful country that we are living on/in/at/whatever. racism will destroy us because there is no unity. without unity, you are destroying everything that we created from scratch. you are forming hatred among ourselves. you trust nobody. you hate everyone that go against you. you are bad.

if you don’t like what i am saying here, please leave.

Malaysia day, yesterday, red shirt rally spoilt it. instead of celebrating it, some/most of us chose to stay at home because some/none of us felt that there is nothing to celebrate as the red shirt rally is out there. other than that, haze is still there. i personally prefer to stay at home especially after being a humpty dumpty at a customer’s house on Tuesday night. missed 1 step and sprained my right ankle.

today ankle slightly better after i applied lotion on the hurt area. but still not good to walk too much, too much weight will make my ankle hurt more. still i have work to do online. Telekom stock take/update.

working at home is sometimes boring but i get to sleep when sleepy. and not as hazy as outside. actually i don’t know got haze or not because i didn’t step outside at all.

what did the red shirt rally achieve? and who are they calling people pig? and who are they to throw rubbish everywhere and not cleaning up after that? who are they to claim that this country is own by them? this is a multiracial country and is own by everyone. everybody has the right to voice out.

i was born here, raised here, educated here. i am a Malaysian. i am a chinese. i am a Malaysian chinese.

we are no first prize winners because we are not the same skin as them. whatever we do is done. if anything they don’t like, they will attack us. we befriend with them sincerely but how many of them actually befriend with us sincerely?

curiosity kills the cat. who is not curious? surely you want to know what’s happening around us. no matter how hard we work, nothing beats them. they get things easily.

why are we lack of unity? nobody is treated equally here. some gets the best while other gets the worst. who make this mess grow?

when they need help, they will talk to you nicely. but the help is over, do you still think they will treat you nicely if the company kicks you out one day? you don’t belong to the group. you are not one of them. why should the protect you?

you may want to stay on but it is them to decide. even if you and your mates provide excellent services but will they care? i don’t have the long experiences in work life but i know what i saw, what you and you don’t see.

in terms of profit, yes, the more are you cover, the more you earn but you are not one of them. whatever they said in the past is history. those were verbally said, not black and white written.

#238: sigh…

looks like someone forgot what i said the last week. what i wanted to do this week will have to postpone again? i am yet to get the tooth refill! the construction site is so noisy and are they suppose to work at this hour? it is 2.47am!

#236: today’s menu

i have a chipped tooth yet to refill. chipped off halfway eating vietnamese noodles with peanuts inside. it was slightly chipped days ago after eating claypot chicken rice one night; thanks to the bone, twice on the same spot.

this week very busy, no time to go dental. wanted to go yesterday but nope. so what am i mix and match today? whatever i have. and i think is best for people with only 1 pot and limited water to use.


  • prawns without shell
  • eggs
  • chick peas in can
  • pineapple cubes in can
  • nando’s peri-peri garlic sauce


  1. blanch chick peas in its liquid and water.
  2. then blanch prawns.
  3. remove the pineapple cubes from the juice. keep the juice in the refrigerator.
  4. make hard boil eggs.
  5. mix everything together with some nando’s sauce.