#276: white hairs

nobody like having white hairs. they make you look older and how do i get them? stress. stress from all directions, unknowingly. it is not something that I can manage perfectly because it is not something easy as said.

I do agree that I am aging but my white hairs are not due to aging. definitely not! normally i get 1 or 2 but this time is like a few strands! even my hair dresser got shocked and asked if I want to dye my hair! this time round, I don’t have extra money to dye so let them be.

stress climbed up slowly until i didn’t realize the white hairs. i can’t see the back of my head. this is my first ever experience of getting so much white hairs.

I stand firm on whatever my decision is, even if it’s going to be challenging. if i am right, I will fight till the end. I don’t have the support that I really wish for. definitely not from him. the way he condemns me is something that i do hate.

if you have never tried it, don’t condemn me so badly. I see the future of this business and that’s why I joined. I see the benefits of having a thermomix, that’s why I bought using his credit card for installment. he gets to eat too, his family gets to eat too, and my family gets to eat too.

2 naturally plus products are as naturally as they are. they benefited me. helping to remove free radicals and building up immunity against the bad. he doesn’t see it because he refuse to consume.

i know they are expensive but they are way better than consuming off shelf products that we don’t know what’s the ingredient; scientific names that i don’t know what the hell are they!

I don’t know how I started my first box of izumio in January 2016 and i definitely love it! never try never know. it’s almost half-year and i have not got sick; not the normal sick visits since taking the products. thank god for that!

when money is the main concern, and idiot arose. that is the worst nightmare I ever had to deal with. MONEY!!! AND TRUTH!!!

it is not that I don’t pity this guy but whatever he did is wrong and he kept telling people WE ARE THE BAD ONES. we tried to help him as much as we can but it is never enough to him. we can’t be helping him all the time.

I know you have monetary problems as well as health problems and family problems but you have to work properly to earn your living. from the day you came out of hospital, you were given as much chances as you could get but how much did you appreciate them? NO! you told lies after lies. do you really think that nobody know?

but all I can say is, whatever you did, somebody is there to cover you. this is really something that I don’t think is fair. is all because you and them have the same skin color. I am not racist. I just don’t agree that’s all.

you are racist because you said Chinese like to cheat Malay. AND THAT’S IS REALLY RACIST OF YOU. I tried to control myself real hard. for weeks my tongue got hair-wired; I can’t speak a language properly without repeating my words; my brain can’t think fast because I’m confused or whatsoever. IT IS JUST NOT ME!

you demanded all your payments, even though TM haven’t fully pay us. our latest payment and savings, all gone to you. I don’t know who exactly is the guy that you got help to get all you payment and to claim your innocent. we gave in. but you left us towards dead-end.

I haven’t paid my phone bills. i haven’t paid my internet bill. i haven’t paid my insurances. the money that we are earning lately is not enough for daily usage. I don’t know how am I going to order my products anymore.

I don’t have backup plan. and I don’t wish to borrow; not until the very last second.

you cheated your way through but this is what we get instead. all our shit we settled. you don’t see yourself wrong because you see yourself the innocent, sick guy, who should be given priority. your complains we settle but what do we get? nothing.

I thought I could start a new business journey slowly and steadily. but hell no. I need a break.

#275: without health, nothing matters anymore: Part 6

Why do people willing to buy dozens of supplements that cost a bomb but not willing to try taking Izumio and Super Lutein?

Can we keep our skeptical look off for once, and get to know how good are these 2 products, that are life saving, from real experiences, rather than putting them away as though they are some kinda monsters?

Today, after visiting the tomb, under the hot spell, I slowly drink a pack of Izumio, before drinking Iced Milo. The weather is so hot and it’s not even noon. We had breakfast picnic as usual. That’s the normal thing before heading to the coffee shop of a drink or heavier breakfast.

I prefer to take 2 tablets of Super Lutein and 1 pack of Izumio at night, before I sleep because I sleep like a pig after that. No more tossing nights (no tossing when I am dead tired), even on hot weathers.

I don’t get the frequent nose block when I wake up from sleep anymore. I only realized it when a fellow member mentioned.

Last few days I had sore throat. One night I took a pack of Izumio with 3 tablets of Super Lutein. And… I slept till noon. And sore throat heal faster because I think I had slight infection.

Each individual will have different results. Some fast some slow. If you take the products consistently, results on the way.

#273: without health, nothing matters anymore: Part 4

What’s health if you rather spend money on other things like entertainment, food and travel? What’s to enjoy if you don’t have the health?

For those health conscious people, are willing to try alternatives to those medicines that cost you a bomb more than what I am introducing you? And you don’t get to eat free in long term. Neither can you earn a passive income.

Sharing is all we do here. At the end, is up to you. I am not here to force you but will you give a minute or two to read? I was once skeptical person for this product. I wanted to try and see if it works for me, just like anybody else.

If you don’t try, you won’t know. I know some people kept telling me how great is alkaline water. Think, is it really that good that it can remove toxin and heal the damages caused by toxin? Can alkaline water heal sickness?

#272: without health, nothing matters anymore: Part 3

Hi! It’s me again..

As I mentioned earlier in Part 2, Izumio helped me, and I’m taking it for maintenance. Sometimes it is the matter, whether you believe the product or not. The first move is always the most important.

**** Pictures are taken from Google.

What is your poop’s color and texture?

Cute right the “cakes”? Do you look at your “cakes” every time you pop them out in the toilet? Sometimes I do that. I have constipation since a child. If I don’t eat enough of fiber, the “cakes” can’t come out normal. I have to like eat many things to push them out. And my “cakes” come in all textures, only sometimes the right one. Izumio helped me getting back the right texture shaped “cakes”, just after a few packs. And less constipation.

What color is you urine?

Are you drinking enough water?

Check out your poop and pee next time. Drinking hydrogenated water will not change the color of your urine dark. It is to remove toxin from our body system, and heal the damages caused by the toxins.

Okay for now. I need to do other things… See you next time.