#201: Resolution List

I will update this list from time to time, until year-end. Lets see how many I have completed 😀

  1. Blog a Post to Begin Year 2015 
  2. Buy a Digital Camera with WiFi
  3. Wardrobe Clearance
  4. No Need to Buy Chinese New Year Clothes
  5. Lose Some Weight
  6. Freezer and Refrigerator Clearance
  7. Books Clearance
  8. Change tablet cover
  9. House Clearance
  10. Change phone cover
  11. Shoes Clearance
  12. Earn More Money
  13. Change phone
  14. Change tablet
  15. Eat Yummy Food

#226: Soft rice with fruit and meat

Are your children not eating fruits? Only like to eat meat?

No problem!

I don’t think I can live without meat or fruit. I must both.

Here is a simple 1-pot meal, easy and fast.

Servings: 2 full soup bowls for both of us


  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 cups of water
  • salt to taste, optional
  • white pepper to taste, optional
  • 1/4 smoked duck
  • minced chicken breast meat
  • 1.5 cup of uncooked rice
  • 1 Xin Jiang sweet gong pear
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Fuji apple


  1. Wash clean the rice, drained and into the rice cooker pot.
  2. Add in water – You can reduce water if you are not cooking soft rice.
  3. Wash clean the tomatoes, apple and sweet gong pear.
  4. Defrost the minced chicken and smoke duck,
  5. Cut the apple and sweet gong pear. – How you want it is up to you.
    • I removed the skin and core, and kept inside the freezer for future use.
    • Cut the remaining into smaller than bite sizes.
  6. Cut the tomatoes. – How you want it is up to you
    • I quartered them.
    • Then divided each halves into 4 sections by slicing them.
  7. Add all the cut fruits and tomatoes (I am not sure if tomato is a fruit or not) into the pot.
  8. Add a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce.
  9. Add a pinch of salt.
  10. Add a pinch of white pepper. – You can use black pepper.
  11. Add the minced chicken breast meat. – You can use other minced meat.
  12. Cut the smoked duck into smaller than bite sizes. Then add into the pot. – Debone first if needed.
  13. Put the pot into the rice cooker and cook on RICE mode.
  14. When is done, give it a mix before serving hot.

#225: Bakery: The Crusty Nest: The Wedding Cheesecake

Finally I ate the frozen cheese cake “The Wedding Cheesecake” that i bought on Mother’s Day. Didn’t have time to eat earlier as we are always back home late night.

I had it for supper, all by myself.. It was really like eating ice cream. But the base got hard after so many days inside the freezer.


I can fruit zest, and if I am not mistaken, it is orange zest. So fragrant from first bite till last.

#224: Bakery: The Crusty Nest

This is the 2nd post I am telling you about this place. No bias remarks. And this is not a paid post.

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and it was our (us) 2nd visit. Finally get to try some of their desserts. I don’t mind paying something expensive (as what some people would think), as long as it is yummy. If you can afford to go Starbucks daily, can you not afford to dine here?

I think it would be a good place for friends to meetup, quick business meeting, quick snack of pies and desserts. The only bad thing about the place is parking. We had at least 3 rounds before we found a car reversing to leave.

Now… lets move on to the food…


My fresh orange juice @ RM 8 without ice and lots of pulps. Wrong choice, should be ask with ice because the pulps too thick. I prefer the fresh apple juice with ice (with apple bits/flesh/pulps – whatever you call it) better. Fresh to me, means no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring and no preservatives.

Mom thought that i wouldn’t order this but this is the first option I wanted to try; the lemon tarte @ RM 10. It is like eating lemon pie. I bought a takeaway for his mom. And frankly speaking, i like my tarts with flaky pastry, just the way I like my egg tart.


This is chocolate tarte @ RM 10 and let me tell you.. LOVE IT! So much chocolate and it’s just right for me. I ate it with my fingers so no hand to take picture (1 hand holding the box, 1 hand holding the tarte).

The apple crumble @ RM 10 is yummy too, comes with soft pastry and chunks of soft apple pieces, and raisins. Bought 2 takeaways (1 for his mom and 1 for me); shared with little nephew Kingsley.

Before desserts, we had a pie each. He had


the chicken mushroom @ RM 12 that was very creamy. It is a chicken, mushroom and milk pie. As for me, I had Thomas’s beef pie @ RM 13 and this time, much nicer, bigger chunks of beef.


The wedding cheesecake @ RM 12 is sitting inside the freezer. Mom told me to put inside the freezer for 3 hours, then eat (you will get an ice cream like). Since i had 3 tarts already, so keep this for next day.


Interesting ingredient chart. I am still waiting to try the lamb and Quiche. Mom paid our dine-ins while I paid our takeaways.






#223: Bakery: The Crusty Nest

This is not a paid post because nobody is paying me. I just want to write about my personal opinions and to promote or advertise this place.

Place: The Crusty Nest

Address: 40, Jalan SS 15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

Contact: 012-2917308

Payment: Cash

Parking: Good luck!

I am still curious and yet to ask TBJ (my cousin brother aka my mom’s second sister’s youngest son), why is the shop named The Crusty Nest. Unexpectedly he is in the food line.

Since it is a newly opened (yesterday 2nd May 2015 was the first day), they only accept cash. I am not sure if they will accept credit card in the future. I am not the boss so I don’t know.

I think they found the right place to open the business but parking is never easy (to me, you need some luck), especially during working hours.

WiFi: No

Ambiance: Simple and air-conditioned

Am i bias? No

Grade: Good

Not sure if they will apply internet or not but for now, no WiFi. So, if you are looking for a place with WiFi instead of food, this place is not for you. I will dine in any eatery outlets regardless whether they have internet or not.

Simple black and white, never goes wrong. I told mom the place very cold and she said maybe the air conditionals are new. They use plastic forks and spoons, and paper box-like plates (is not plate but box without the lid — i don’t know how to explain, see for yourself).

Although my cousin brother works here but that doesn’t mean i have to be bias, selling his products with all good remarks and nothing bad. Nope, that is not me.

We (us) dined-in and he paid. We had a pie and a drink each.

Thomas’s Beef Pie @ RM 13

It is a beef and potato pie. Nice chunks of beef inside.

Jackie The Meat Pie @ RM 12

It is a minced beef, tomato and mashed potato pie. I prefer this than Thomas because it’s sourly taste from the tomato. I felt like eating spaghetti bolognaise.

Cuppucino @ RM 10

Apple Juice @ RM 8


I like the apple juice because it is yummy. Although the cup size is considered small but it is different from what we order else where.

We also bought take-away and i paid. 1 pie for his mom and another for me.

Chicken Mushroom @ RM 12

No idea how it taste because didn’t eat. It is a chicken, mushroom and milk pie.

Piezza @ RM 15


It is a chicken, chilli and cheese pie. I think not enough of chilli because i can’t really get the taste and kick of it. Soft and tender chicken meat.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday (4 pm – Midnight)

You can have your tea time, dinner and supper here.

Here is the menu, on the wall.


Come try! Fresh ingredients, Fresh food.

#222: different sizes of leak pads

headache betul! pakai thermometer test, biasa saja. tapi bila sakit kepala tu memang macam nak pecah.

bought 4 more packs of leak pads; 26 cm and 31.5 cm AND both types also tried. so sekarang ni i ada 23 cm, 26 cm and 31.5 cm.

aunty red is late again. malam sudah mau mari, tapi tak nampak ia juga.

duduk saja batuk mesti pee. kalau tidur tu, tak pee sangat or langsung no pee. i baru saja lepas mandi, duduk sekejap dah pee. geramnya!