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#103: aku mandi kerbau lagi

air ada tapi kotor and tak kuat. shower sudah nak pump. so end up mandi kerbau lagi. kali ni ada tambah sikit shower gel dalam baldi yang setengah penuh air bersih. tempat cuci pinggan ada air. earlier very dirty then ok. so many hours later shower like that pulak. I very very need to wash my hair. ingatkan boleh cuci malam ni. banyak gatal and oily. i think i need a haircut too. geram betul!!!! do you really want me to pay to wash my hair!!!!! berapa lama lagi nak water ration ni? is the dam depending on the rain water all these while? no pumping from nearby river ke sea ke waterfall ke mana-mana? cubalah u ration sampai bulan puasa. i tengok macam mana u nak jawap! you should think of a solution instead sitting there! sekarang nak minta bantu kerajaan thai pulak! kenapa awal-awal tu nak fikir? aku sekarang ni memang tak berani nak keluar, takut sakit perut nanti takde toilet. cari sini cari sana takde org nak bagi guna toilet. inilah muka sebenar rakyat Malaysia. ini dua hari ke tiga ada hujan lebat. so lebat pun dam tak cukup air. bila dam tak cukup air you say we use a lot of water. padahalnya you fikirkan solution. takde cuba korek bawah Tanah ke? instead you want to extend the water ration. sampai bila? do you think this is best solution? macam balik zaman purba. i was so happy just now thinking can wash hair. but no!

#102: Gone with the wind

Those days are gone with the wind, never coming back again. Those innocent yet happy days. You wouldn’t care who your friends are, whether they are rich or poor. You won’t care their parents are supporting which party because we’re just to young to know then. All we want is fun, fun, and fun,

Don’t you wish you’re a kid now? Just like back then. No worries. So happy. So many friends. Not like now. As we grow older, we have lesser friends. Friends don’t share the same interest anymore. Everybody has something to do. We don’t call each other. We don’t meet each other. Sooner or later, we don’t know each other.

What’s happening to us? Are moving towards to right way? Are we money digging until we forget about our families and friends? How do you react when I stumbled somebody you knew but you don’t remember the name? What a shame.

Are we losing ourselves? Are we becoming some one else? What’s happening to us? I’m forgetting my younger times. Blurry memories. Incomplete memories. Gone with the wind. I guess I only remember unwanted memories. Unhappy ones. Unbreakable ones. Things that I don’t want to remember that are still stuck, that aren’t gone with the wind. How to be completely happy with these memories haunting you forever?

What’s sweet memory when you can’t think of any? How sweet it is if somebody willing to do sweet things to you. Giving you little surprises. Romantic memories. Remembering your birthdays and anniversaries. Kisses and hugs. These are things that I don’t get. How I wish I can enjoy these moments.

Gone with the wind our wishes. Friends we have now aren’t the same as what we once had. How many true friends are out there waiting for us now?

My biggest wish is to go to Paris, standing high on Eiffel Tower, enjoying the view and weather with my other half. A wish too good to be true. A wish that may not succeed. An expensive wish. A dream as it is. It’s like a fairytale.

I can’t erase who I am. I can’t erase where I’ve been. I can’t erase what I’ve done. I can’t erase anything. Is all recorded. Only HE knows. Lets just GONE WITH THE WIND….

#101: MLM not for everyone

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is not for everyone. You can’t force any one to join by harassing that person. I’m not sure if it’s against the law but it’s definitely bad attitude. No MLM policy stated that you can harass your potential client, potential down-line or even people who don’t want to join you. We have freedom to decide whether to join or not to join any MLM companies. Who doesn’t want more money, live in luxury, travel around the world, and live happily ever after?

Most of us are goal chasers. It’s ok but don’t over do it. Not all of us can afford the way you did. Not everybody can fork out a certain amount for investment of the particular MLM business. Even if you can, does the business guarantee you a profit? Does it guarantee that you won’t lose a cent? There’s no 100% promise.

I’m in MLM but I never force anybody to join me as my down-line because I don’t like forcing people to do something they don’t want. I don’t like people forcing me either. I believe only sincere people will earn a lot. There’s a price to pay for everything we do. Think before you act, think whether it worth the price. Regret means nothing after that.

If you said any harsh words to the person you intended to have as down-line or buyer/client, then I’m sorry to say, you’ve made a big mistake. You might get yourself a court case. In some countries, harassment is an offense that can land you in jail.

#100: no water on water day

why? yesterday was the 2nd time no water half day on a water day! if water don’t come then the main tangki tak ada air, then all the small tangki lagi lah tak ada air. never once I see the water tank come. even if come I pun tak larat nak angkat air naik, habis semua tumpah. syabas oh syabas!


when can I call it a quit? I’m blogging in the dark. the fluorescent lights are dead; the kitchen and where I am now. the where I am now light dead long time ago but mister him doesn’t know how to fix. if I on it, the electricity will trip. as for the kitchen, it was dead a few days ago. I found it dying when I was coming in from outside, I saw an orange glow at the light and smelled something hot. can’t imagine what will happen if we came home later. we left the light on when we went out. I think I didn’t on the emergency lights.

why people can change jobs and I have problem with that? it’s not that I don’t like this job, is just the person that I’m helping out. there’s a price to pay and I don’t think it worth the price. what are we fighting for? power? more areas? how much can you fight? how many long hours can you work? don’t you get bored with all these?

I’m like dealing with people of all attitudes. and what do you care? you don’t bother. all you know is when you don’t like something you will hurt the car, throw rubbish out of car as you like, scold and curse as you like. you don’t care of people’s feelings. you are a road bully.

how am I suppose to know what you’re coming up just now when I whatsapp you the message? why complain? why scold me? that very moment, I heartache. I already headache until I went to sleep. damn fucking headache and you didn’t ask a word. headache still got but not as great as earlier. your killing words really give me heartache. the urge to cry was coming but I manage to stop it. if I knew, I won’t message you.

don’t like my post? you may leave now.

I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m unhappy. sometimes I very scare go watch free movie with you because if something happen, you will memalukan i.

he’s helping you but that doesn’t mean you have to give all your share to him? if he’s there to do the wiring and he charges customer for the wiring so why do we still have to give him our share of installation charges? you know we don’t get the payment for telephone installation from boss. so If you give him, then we are doing for free? if he follows us, then why isn’t he get half only? sometimes i’ll just slip the money into my pockets. and when you found out, you asked why didn’t I give him. sometimes I really don’t want to give him. there are times that you have sly else you can’t stay on.