#201: Resolution List

I will update this list from time to time, until year-end. Lets see how many I have completed :D

  1. Blog a Post to Begin Year 2015 
  2. Buy a Digital Camera with WiFi
  3. Wardrobe Clearance
  4. No Need to Buy Chinese New Year Clothes
  5. Lose Some Weight
  6. Freezer and Refrigerator Clearance
  7. Books Clearance
  8. Change tablet cover
  9. House Clearance
  10. Change phone cover
  11. Shoes Clearance
  12. Earn More Money
  13. Change phone
  14. Change tablet
  15. Eat Yummy Food


February 22, 2015

I’m so lazy to do work and I’ve been lazying since holiday. But it’s already weekend and is stock take time which I hate it.

Jolene Wong

February 15, 2015

It’s so inconvenient when my poor car is not back yet, I can’t go shopping. I need to buy new sport bra. It’s all thanks to the car that BANG mine!

I’ve no idea if the defaulter did report or not because I can’t force her but it’s her responsibility to admit and to do so.


#204: BANG!

There goes my car, hitting the TM telephone pole. It’s not the first we park the car there BUT it’s definitely the first time it got hit and bang. And it happened on Tuesday night, about 1 hour before midnight or some time there.

VICTIM: My car



Our miss lady here doesn’t have a driving license! And she drove her dad’s car without telling him. She claimed that she was hit by another car before hitting my car. I saw no major damages on her car as compared to mine.

She claimed that the car belonged to her aunt. At first she told me, she was a “P” holder.

I asked her for her name, contact number and IC number but she telling me wait and wait and wait for her friend to come INSTEAD of calling her dad. I got her friend’s (guy) name, IC number and contact number.

She kept begging me not to report police. I’ve no choice. She can’t afford to pay for the damages. She’s just a student, less than 20 years of age.

You know what? Her brave friend told me that he will tangguh her kesalahan. Meaning to say, I have to tell the police that it was him who drove and hit my car, instead of the girl. And also asked me to tell the same thing to his mom, and not mentioning about her (the girl). This is real stupid of him!

All I reported was what I know and what I don’t know.

VERDICT: No car to use, I mean no car for ME to drive

Just hoping for the best insurance claim.

The girl was freaking there, crying, insisting not to call her dad because of family problems, and she claimed that she was out there makan angin and wanting to commit suicide.

Hello!!! Nasib you ini kereta yang you rosak. Imagine if that’s a human being yang you langgar!

She really needs to wake up! Stress and family problems are solvable. Committing suicide is NOT A SOLUTION BUT REGRETS!

It was you who commit the crime, so face it! You damaged my car, your fault! I report to claim insurance. Do you know how expensive is it to fix the car?

OH MY CAR….!!!!

#203: i don’t quite enjoy anymore

the job i’m doing because it gets very stressful at times, and it’s reaching my limits. say something wrong, i get the full blame, and he doesn’t see the situation at all because i’m the one who’s doing all the return jobs, remark jobs, and etc; not him. i’m the first person getting all the attacks from all directions. i like to work at freely, not getting attach with no own time, and no helping hand. there are times that i really don’t wish to go out to work because the working spirit isn’t there. i play online games to let the stress out of me before i really burst.

i was so tense and hungry that i had do something to cool me down but you won’t know because you only see me doing stupid things. my brain kept telling me, it’s my fault that they want to more teams into our area. what’s wrong with telling the truth? it’s true that we can’t do the orders, it’s true that we can’t make it, that’s what i told customer, so what’s the problem? so it’s wrong to tell the truth that lead to addition of teams? both companies are under the same boss!

somebody already opened her mouth telling to quit 1 area because we can’t cover 2 areas where there are only 2 of us. yeah…. here we have do have 1 more team but only 1 person is working while another is still in hospital with 50-50 survival. you are supposed to get another person in to work but you keep delaying it and don’t expect me to do everything for you because it’s making me nuts!

what’s the point of grabbing so many areas where you don’t have so many manpower? you are just making yourself more sick and no speed recovery. look at yourself! how long more do you want to cough? those people will not say thank you to you for all the hard work we do. it’s the profit and no customer complaints in their eyes. no matter what, they will still stand by their race. we no win fight.

i can’t have a good sleep because i dream my job which i hate it. it’s like my job is trying to monopolizing me, even when not at work. in front of you, they will help you. but behind you, you won’t know how much you’ve been back-stabbed. i can’t sleep when i’m not dead tired. there are just too many things in my brain.

you rather play game while driving, and almost hit the car in front, then concentrating. you are always giving a shock of my life and soon heart attack. you won’t bother to stop. your emotional driving will never change. sometimes i quit telling because you won’t listen but blame me when you lose a game. you can be a real addict than me because i don’t play and drive. neither would i drive and talk on the phone.