#181: Happy Deepavali

It was so noisy before and after midnight with all those fireworks and firecrackers. Now, it’s so quiet since morning. Nobody interested to let out anything?

Happy Deepavali and Happy Holiday to everyone.

I got awaken at round 9.50am by a Streamyx customer complaining that she couldn’t Whatsapp using Wi-Fi after I upgraded her Streamyx to 4Mbps. For your information, her PC needs to do some clearing. Too slow with all the unnecessary toolbars and viruses. Told her to do herself but! Her modem also a bit problem one. I was having a nice dream AND she woke me!

Then I went to do toilet business, played my tablet awhile and went back to sleep. Just woke up BY HIM and I was dreaming something sort of heroic! Why are you people disturbing my beauty sleep on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY??!!?

Thunder came along with heavy rain BUT all I hear now is just Thunder himself. Rain stopped.

Jolene Wong

October 21, 2014

I am farting every few minutes since today’s brunch! He bought me economy noodles and curry chicken with potatoes. And milo ais. After that is all my boiled green tea with orange. So smelly man… Today is lazy Tuesday. The peti sejuk power tripped again. The shower heater also another one.

#179: TM: Unifi: Business Packages

Business Packages are for Business Users who are working in companies or home-offices.

Please take note:
  1. Minimum subscription period for Unifi is 24 months.
  2. First month bill will show 1 month current and 1 month advance subscription fees. For example, for BIZ 5, RM199 x 2 = RM398.
  3. FREE Installation Promotion for Unifi worth RM200 until further notice.
  4. FREE installation covers standard installation of 15 metres only.

To apply,

  1. Please read the Terms & Conditions first.
  2. Then fill up the following form OR download from here (email services.sales@gmail.com or fax 03-89480782).
Please select correctly
Existing Unifi users only
Existing telephone users only
Give 3
Existing Streamyx user only
Only for Fixed IP Packages
Full name
Example: 891211-41-2215
Example: 011-16452111
Eg: abc@gmail.com
Installation Address
Both side IC or Passport must be clear. If you have problem of uploading, you can email services.sales@gmail.com or fax 03-89480782


I have been thinking of what to blog. I want to say something but I was kind of dead fish after work. This might be another long post of different stuffs, all-in-1 that ends up grandmother stories. You may leave halfway.

Today’s weather is nice because it’s raining. Stay at home today since it was so heavy rain this afternoon, how to go out work? Reappointment with customers. Tomorrow is Deepavali aka Public Holiday for all states except Sarawak (why Sarawak?) based on the calendar.

I am getting lazy to go out with our nice weather change nowadays. Half day hot and sweaty, and another half day cold and wet. Why do I keep thinking this isn’t our normal weather change? It’s still raining now.

I just unblock somebody whom I think can still change to be a better person. I just think he’s too negative, too superstitious, too low esteem, too bother of what people think of him, needs improvement in self-thinking, needs improvement in English (I never say I’m best but slightly better), lots of other improvements.

We are grown ups who can make own decisions. Advices are listened and thought of but at the end of the day, it’s us who decide our path. If you listen too much of what other people tell you, and you can’t decide for yourself, you are sort of a hopeless person. Don’t tell me, you need to ask your family to decide for you.

What’s wrong with clerical jobs? Anybody without any experience OR even with experience in any field can work from bottom up. If you don’t like this job, then why did you work in this line, in the first place? Don’t always think of becoming a millionaire. just like that. You’re not a true millionaire person. Not born to be one. You’ve not just there.

Stop bringing up old stories of yours, getting haunted or whatsoever because those are the past, HISTORY! Move on or else you’re stuck! You are in your 20s so don’t waste time thinking of things you want to do but never do. Waste of time!

My first job was data entry clerk in a courier firm, PJ. I left after probation finished because the environment. I’m allergic to dust and dirt. Those consignment notes are “SO CLEAN” and the toilets got “FLYING VISITORS”. Parking is always a problem on weekdays. My job is to key in the information on the consignment notes into their system, carry bags of consignments from the store to my desk, alias with respective departments and bored.

Anyway, I always prefer flexi working hours. I prefer freedom than getting tied-up with contracts or companies. I’ve talked too much about myself already, too many times. SKIP!

But the me thing is a never ending story. :(

I would never want to be a millionaire because I won’t feel safe and what’s the point? Will I still be a millionaire when I die? We can’t bring our money to grave. We should satisfy with whatever we have now. Who doesn’t want more money? But… There’s always a BUT….

I need money now. All my policies are hanging there because I don’t have enough of money. I want to fix this and that but no money. I want to do this do that but no money. Everything needs money except love. In reality, everything is $$$$$$$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Boring right? Bye!



Today, another wisdom tooth gone and one more going soon. The last one needs surgery and that cost more and it’s spoilt. It was kind of heavy rain when I came home, so I parked my car downstairs instead of going to the back. And I’m now sucking on the cotton bud. The rain stop and I’m lazy to park my car again because I’ve changed into home clothes, and I’m lazy to put on the bra. The Indian nurse told me not to eat hot and spicy food, eat soft food such as porridge. But then, I still have another side of my teeth. And this is isn’t the first time. This is going to be a mix post of things I want to blog for these few days since I was busy and dead fish when I’m home. You can skip if you think this grandmother story is not interested. Yesterday only I knew ANXIETY or KEBIMBANGAN is a disease. Such disease is mental related that I think can be cure without medications. On Thursday night, I attended a PJ customer, a lady. A nice lady but anxiety of hers caused her to be like over excited, over worried, those kind of things. If she would just relax and cool down, that will be better. When we have too much anxiety in us, we tend to get worry or stress because we are scare. Am I right? When we calm down, everything works perfectly. Sometimes such behavior scares people away because you make yourself a bit like a crazy person. This is just based on my understanding, no offense okay. On Friday we or rather myself first time experience a taxi hit a motorcycle that caused a slight jam on LDP. langgar I don’t know exactly how it happen. I was told that the taxi hit a motorcycle (luckily the motorcyclist wasn’t bad injured or flung out to the road below), then a sudden brake from the lorry that almost damaged the taxi or motorcycle, then 3 cars on the right hit each other. We saw the drivers came down. Then don’t know what happen, then the taxi driver drove off, etc, etc, etc….