#303: My Journey with Ingress

This might be a long post, I don’t know. If you got bored halfway, you may leave and come back later.

Just if you didn’t know….

I started playing Ingress, around the time when Pokémon launched. Was quite reluctant to play at first but who knows? I’m addicted to it more than Pokémon. It is one game that I can play with people everywhere, around the world, using our mobile phones, travelling by foot/vehicle, and is reality.

I always wanted to play a game like this. Computer/console games aren’t that cheap and you aren’t playing it out of your comfort zone. Ingress is different.

You may click on the pictures to get a clearer view.

Let’s cut things short…

My badges earned so far. Some are Standard Badges and some are Event Badges.

Event Badges earned through event participation from time to time. And I only have these 2 badges since joined:

Luminary: In recognition of your contributions during Ingress Year Four.

I got this badge this year’s Birthday Anniversary, when I upgraded to Level 13: GOLD Badge. I am not that AP grinder but this event was during the Double AP period so it was kind of easy to up level and I have all the required badges. Assume if I start the game earlier, I would have the other badges but it’s okay. If I continue the journey, I will get next year’s badge.

Via Lux Odyssey: Above and beyond. Adventured to over 711 unique Portals in September 2016.

This was my first GOLD event badge. Hacking portals is a daily task for most of us. But getting unique ones is not really an easy task because I have already hacked most of the portals around here. Unless I go somewhere else. It was fun because I went to some new places and saw different things. That experience is explainable.

Standard Badges earned when the time comes. There are some badges that I want to get first but I won’t force myself to achieve these badges in a short time because it’s a game that I think best is to enjoy the journey.

SpecOps: Complete Unique Missions.

Currently a GOLD badge, after completing Princess Saga that has 96 missions at 14 locations.

Princess Saga

I still don’t know why did I do such long story. I’m not really a mission person because I don’t really like walking. Before that, I did 6 individual missions. As for now, I am still thinking to do anymore missions or not, because I don’t want my Mission Day Kuala Lumpur (14 January 2017) mosaics to look weird later.

Translator: Master Glyph hacking.

I am no master of this because played so long, only now got the GOLD badge. It is not easy for me to remember all the glyph because have to really memorize them and I can’t really get all correctly, especially the new glyph. It took me quite some time to actually remember the old ones. Whenever a person is glyph hacking, never disturb him/her because might end up wrong glyph. It is kind of addictive sometimes.

Recharger: Recharge Portals with Exotic Matter.

This is my second ONYX badge. As long as i have enough of Power Cubes, I can recharge all the portals I want; those that I have keys. This is one of the easy to level badge.

Purifier: Destroy enemy Resonators.

My SILVER badge. My most wanted to achieve destroyer badge; not as easy as I thought. As long as I have enough weapons, I will blast my way. That’s the easiest thing I can do when playing inside the car.

Pioneer: Capture unique Portals.

I am still wondering if I still have any portals that I have never capture before around here. This GOLD badge and I can see the counter hardly increase.

Engineer: Deploy Mods to upgrade Portals.

I am still the SILVER badge because I rarely put mods in portal. Actually I have more resonators than mods.

Sojourner: Hack a Portal in consecutive 24 hour periods.

This GOLD badge shall stay for another 116 days at least because yesterday was my 3rd reset; in exchange for all the sleep that I want for holiday/weekend. And it always happen on a Sunday.

Illuminator: Capture Mind Units via Control Fields over populated areas.

My first ONYX badge from doing Ops. To get this badge, is best if you do big and multiple layers field. I got this with the help of my teams.

Hacker: Hack Portals

I hack portals most of the time and still SILVER badge. Maybe I didn’t hack enough to level up. But I am no hurry for this badge.

Liberator: Capture Portals.

My another no hurry badge, that’s why is still SILVER badge.

Mind Controller: Create Control Fields.

I like to create fields on the spot; not planned ones. I don’t care how much Mind Units I get.

Builder: Deploy Resonators.

SILVER badge too. It is not easy for me to shoot links from portals when I am travelling inside the car; if cannot deploy, cannot capture portal.

Explorer: Visit and hack unique Portals.

GOLD badge for this; in relation to Via Lux Odyssey (Rumors said get 2000 UPV to get the badge) period. So went hacking everywhere.

Trekker: Walk a long distance.

As I said earlier, I don’t really like walking so I am still holding the GOLD badge.

Guardian: Control a Portal for consecutive days.

This shall stay as GOLD badge for a long time. The longest held Guardian Portal died at 89 days on 15 December 2016. This is the most hard to achieve badge! At least for me.

Recruiter: Recruit new agents into Ingress and help them.

To unlock this badge, need to recruit at least 2 new agents. And help them up Level 3, at least.

Mission Day: Successfully attended Mission Days.

To unlock this badge, will have to wait till next year.

Till next time…

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#302: SMS Steamboat, Sri Petaling

Last weekend my brother treated me earlier birthday dinner. There were 7 of us (my parents, us, Aunty Owyong/these photos are hers, my brother and his girlfriend).

Finding an empty parking slot is never easy here, especially on weekends. We made rounds and rounds and rounds. Some more… it was raining. Anyway, this is not the typical steamboat restaurants that we usually dine in.

REMINDER: Please ask the waiters/waitress to check if everything fixed properly otherwise water leaking under the table.

What did we eat? Not sure if they are in the correct order or not..

Steam prawns – picture from the menu because nobody remember taking the shot
Steam mussels and scallops
Steam kerangs – I can’t remember what is this called in English
Steam crab with Bentong tofu pok

I never like eating tofu pok (I don’t know what is it called in English) but I find these nice.

Steam pork – thinly sliced, with ginger
Steam chicken – cutlets, with ginger and wolf berry

AND… the crab picture is missing….

Steam vegetable – assorted vegetables and mushrooms
Clay pot Porridge – flavorful, with sliced abalone, spring onion and fried onion

Hopefully I still remember the descriptions correctly… The porridge is the last dish because it was at the pot base all along. All the food incense dripped into the porridge.

Mom ordered the seafood package because my brother wants to eat crab. Then added 2 meats. Overall is an experience for those who never tried dining this way.

Address: Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-920 8288

Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5 pm to 12 am

#300: own crisis…

sometimes it is just not easy to make decision. nobody wants to regret over any decision made. many times i wanted to leave the group but somehow I’m reluctant. I don’t know why I chicken out every time. i felt that is still not time yet. maybe i compared too much between kajang team and pj team. they are 2 different teams of the same faction. both sides play the game differently.

based on own opinion.

pj team more fun, more relaxing, more crazy. talking to the other faction is not a problem because this is a social game where we should have all the fun, meet new people, and it doesn’t matter which faction. however, kajang team is more tense. it is only recently i have such thoughts. i know both teams play differently.

#299: water crisis again..

if you knew no water this week, what will you do? keep spare water right? or you’ve been keeping spare water or the while? most Chinese families will keep extra water in tanks, tubs, etc. i mean.. this is not the first time, so why aren’t you guys keeping extra water? that tub out there is not enough for so many people! you should know that..  but you don’t seem to bother when there’s water. can you imagine if suddenly you have stomach ache and no water to flush? do you relieve yourself or hold?