#201: to do

I will update this list from time to time, until year-end. Lets see how many I have completed 😀

  1. Blog a Post to Begin Year 2015 
  2. Buy a Digital Camera with WiFi
  3. Wardrobe Clearance
  4. No Need to Buy Chinese New Year Clothes
  5. Lose Some Weight
  6. Freezer and Refrigerator Clearance
  7. Books Clearance
  8. Change tablet cover
  9. House Clearance
  10. Change phone cover
  11. Shoes Clearance
  12. Earn More Money
  13. Change phone
  14. Change tablet
  15. Eat Yummy Food
  16. Change one of the smartphones
  17. Cut ice lemon tea
  18. Cut biscuits
  19. Reduce sour, sugar, salt, oil, junk food

#230: Today’s Menu

It’s Sunday again! It’s playtime again! Although the Bazaar Ramadhan is on, and I wanted my daging cincang BUT I am too lazy to walk down SO I am playing with food again, creating own recipe(s) WHICH you might fight them weird combination(s) AND I don’t care what you think!

Gobo Tea

Nothing special since I will boil this once in a while. Add some wolf berry and dried longan.

Pandan Flavored Rice ===== FAILED

Pandan flavored rice because I only used 6 pieces of the pandan leaves that I used to boil the water just now. I was hoping that the leaves will give some fragrance to the rice. And maybe some more juice will come out.

Chicken, Potato, Prawn and Baby Corn Salad

Wash all ingredients clean. Cut a cross on both sides of the potatoes and boil them with a pinch of salt, till soften. I boiled mine too soft. Poach the chicken, prawns and baby corn in pandan water with a pinch of salt. I was lazy to throw away the quarter cup of pandan water after boiling the leaves and storing in bottles. Remove potato skins and cut into bite sizes. Cut the baby corn and prawns into smaller sizes. Shred the chicken meat (I used chicken thighs). Mix everything with 2-3 big spoons of yogurt. Keep in storage in the refrigerator until you want to eat.

Kiwi, Cherry Tomato and Aloe Vera Salad

Wash clean all the kiwis, cherry tomatoes and aloe veras. Then peel off the skins of the kiwis and aloe veras. Run through the aloe veras with water to get rid the slime (or whatever you call it). Slice them all into small pieces or whatever size you like. Mix them up and keep in storage, in the refrigerator until you want to eat them.

Pandan Water

Just boil and keep pandan water for drinking for future use. And please keep inside the refrigerator. I have seen a man boiled the pandan leaves and drink just like that. I am not sure if he put any other ingredient(s) inside. All he said, good for health.

Sometimes simple meal on Sunday, especially when I want to play with food, is not a fast meal BECAUSE I add ingredients along the way, WHICH will end up cooking a few hours before can eat. BUT fun playing with food and ideas.

So hot and sweaty!

#229: jumble post

if you don’t ask him to do something, he will not do. my guava and pear tea spoilt already. last night suddenly no electricity so went to sleep loh. and i forgotten all about the bottles of tea near the microwave. so forgot to put them inside the fridge. today woke up damn late and only remembered them. but too late already because got foam and smell and taste different. wasted man! i drank 1 cup and 1 small bottle (500ml) only. he sees them also don’t put inside the fridge. just now i drank some, thought still can drink but now i am going to shit. ~ 12.46am

my guava dish was too salty and lack of chilli. never to buy from this aunty again. the char choi already soak in salt water for 10 minutes. i rarely buy char choi because always get the not nice one. normally i buy salted vegetable only. ~ 1.57am

some people hope for miracle while others wait for solutions. whichever comes first is a way out. ~ 2.15am

miracle don’t happen twice. finding the solution is better. hoping for the best and make it worth. ~ 2.21am

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#228: Guava with mushroom and chicken

Earlier I posted a tea, which is is sweet enough to me, no added sugar or any kind.

And now, I am posting a dish with guava too.


  • 1 small guava (thought of using 2 but 1 spoilt)
  • minced chicken meat
  • mushroom of any kind
  • prawns
  • preserved vegetable of any kind (I used the chilli one – don’t know what is it call in English, Chinese known as char choi)
  • oil


  1. Defrost the frozen minced chicken meat.
  2. Slice the mushroom to bite size.
  3. Wash and slice the guava into bite size.
  4. Clean the prawns. I defrosted mine and halved them.
  5. Wash/soak the preserved vegetable as needed. Then slice/cut into bite size.
  6. Heat some oil in the pan.
  7. Add in the minced chicken meat and stir-fry.
  8. Add in the mushrooms and stir mix.
  9. Add in the guava and stir mix.
  10. Add in the preserved vegetable and stir mix.
  11. Add in the prawns and stir mix.
  12. Serve when all cooked and soften.

#227: Guava and Pear Tea

Never know that we can use guava for soup. I have read recipes posted by friends via Facebook. So today I am making a tea instead of soup because I don’t have meat bones.


  • 3 small guavas
  • 2 sweet gong li pears
  • wolf berries
  • water


  1. Wash all ingredients clean.
  2. Cut the fruits into small pieces.
  3. Put all ingredients into the pot, cover with enough water, and boil.
  4. Serve hot or cold.

If you want your drink to be sweet, I guess you can add in winter melon strips or rock sugar. I didn’t put any of these because I don’t know how sweet is it; first attempt.