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#98: life no take 2

life no take 2 because you can’t have everything second chance. when there is an opportunity and you don’t grab it, it will not come back as the way you want it. life is precious so don’t waste it.

#97: mandi kerbau

Why can’t syabas follow the schedule? Today and tomorrow is supposed to have water. But! I ended up mandi kerbau sebab tak ada air. My shower water is direct pipe, not from the tangki (every unit has one). And the washing area also from main pipe, so now I can’t wash the dirty dishes nor cook. What’s the purpose of the schedule if you can’t follow? I’m going to have more rashes thanks to syabas. I can’t bathe so I can only wipe wet my body without soap. How many days is this going to be? Dah lah biasa air tu tak bersih sangat, now tak ada pula.

Bagi dia, tak mandi tu biasa sebab dia jarang mandi. Bagi I masalah besar. Makan kena luar makan. Kalau tak , makan roti, minum susu, etc… Makanan yang senang. Geram betul!!

rashes coming out everywhere. please lah don’t hot weather and sweat… I dah garu here garu there.

#95: i hate no water

I seriously hate it when there’s no water because I can’t go toilet. with this water rationing, most of the toilets of the petrol stations and restaurants are closed. I had a hard time finding a toilet on Thursday because I was having a stomachache and the petrol stations that I went, toilet closed. I ended up, with the need to pee and shit, at kompleks desa. don’t tell me you people working inside the petrol stations no need to go toilet at all. this is so ridiculous. I’ve seen some Chinese restaurants prepared pails of water for their usage washing and also for customers. some customer’s house or office I went, can use their toilet because they have pails of water for the toilet. while some are terribly enough to tell you, no, cannot use, they not enough water. hello, if I’m not very need to go toilet, I won’t ask you. you want me to pee on my pants on your floor? nobody ask you to keep water only in cooking pots and small buckets or pails. I can’t be holding the whole day! i’ll shiver and when I cough or sneeze, there goes the pee on my pants. AND I can’t be not drinking any water or liquid, can I? we’ll get dehydrated! who’s going to pay the medical bill? people can be really selfish but you can’t be so selfish when there’s emergency! there was one day we went toilet hunting in ttdi area. when is this water ration going to end? I always thought that our water in the dam is from multiple resources, not just from the rain.