#292: Spoiled

You know what? Being spoiled since young is not a good thing. That is very bad! Why?

A spoiled person will rely on you for everything, meaning to say if you forget to do something, he/she will be very mad at you.

A spoiled person will blame you for everything even if he/she is wrong.

A spoiled person is a no manners person who doesn’t bother anything, all to himself/herself only.

A spoiled person will fight with sibling(s) to win and to create a scenario, even for a very minor situation.

A spoiled person doesn’t care of one’s feelings. He/she only care for himself/herself.

A spoiled person thinks he/she is the top of the world. Nobody can beat him/her.

A spoiled person is ridiculous!

A spoiled person doesn’t use brain to do work, the brain is there to keep asleep.

#291: Used Books

1 Book = RM 5.00 + RM 10.00 (Postal charge)

2 Books = RM 10.00 + RM 11.00 (Postal charge)

3 Books = RM 15.00 + RM 12.00 (Postal charge)

4 Books = RM 20.00 + RM 13.00 (Postal charge)

5 Books = RM 25.00 + RM 14.00 (Postal charge)

6 Books = RM 30.00 + RM 15.00 (Postal charge)

Let me know how many book do you want to buy, and I will give you the details. You will need to pay me first, before I send you the book.

You can either

  • PayPal
  • Online transfer
  • ATM
  • Cash On Delivery (Special Cases Only)

#290: cuti pun tak boleh ka?

minggu lepas kan cuti? mestilah tak kerja. kemudian minggu ni baru start kerja. mungkin ada setengah company belum kerja lagi. so apa salahnya kalau tak hantar stock take ke mungkin lambat hantar? tak boleh ka tm ni relaks sikit? macam ni pun mau denda kita? kesalahan apa pulak? mini minor case macam ni pun kesalahan besar ke? tak shiok lah.

#289: Steamed Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Kueh

Original recipe asks for sweet potato only but since I have at least 2 weeks old sweet potatoes and pumpkin, so used both. I kept them in the fridge and steam to reheat.


  • 300 g Sweet Potato and Pumpkin, combined
  • 130 g Sugar
  • 150 g Tapioca Flour
  • 250 g Coconut Milk


  1. Steam the sweet potatoes and pumpkin to soften them.
  2. Mill sugar in the TM Bowl.
  3. Add in all other ingredients and mix 25 Seconds / Speed 6.
  4. Pour into molds.
  5. Pour 800 g of water into TM Bowl and stack on Varoma unit / bamboo steamer for steaming. Steam for 20 Minutes / Varoma / Speed 3.

Make: 9 –> I used lo mai kai mold

Steamed Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Kueh
Steamed Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Kueh